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customized baby gifts 10 Best White Shoes for Men- Sneakers to Dress Shoes 2018 personalized fathers day gifts

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The care and feeding of the well dressed dude has got to include a great pair (or more) of white shoes for men. And for any of y’all who might shy away from that assertion, just take a quick spin around any fashion magazine or take a look at what the stars, celebs and the guy next store are wearing. You’ll see that beautiful color of fresh snow on all sorts of good looking feet.

UPDATE: This list was updated June 19, 2018. We replaced a couple of pairs with (better!) kicks and updated all pricing. Important note: the shoes aren’t ranked. We’re just numbering them for convenience.

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We also want to add that this category of dress shoes most definitely includes sneakers. As we’ve established before in our look at the 15 Best Men’s Dress Sneakers, a stylish pair of sneaks can be worn with just about anything.

For this list, in fact, the predominant shoe style is the sneaker and you can chalk that up to the versatility factor. It’s not only style-smart, it’s also wallet-wise to own a pair of shoes you can throw on to head to the taco truck or to wear to a nice dinner out. Another great example of a shoe that’s got more than one reason for existence is found in our rundown of the 15 Best Men’s Driving Shoes: The Definitive List. A driving shoe — or a white pair of sneaks — might seem like they’ve got a limited usage range, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

White shoes serve as a great foundation for pretty much any outfit you’re sporting. Obviously, they work well with jeans — for that we can thank the huge versatility that jeans provide. But the white shoe is neutral enough that they’re going to work with any number of pants/shirts/shorts/suits you wanna wear.

We do want to stress that this list includes more than sneakers. It would be easy to go non-sneak, high fashion, high dollar white. But we didn’t want to send anybody’s bank account to the emergency room and, once more, we want to focus on shoes that can be worn for far more than just the special occasion.

We’re assuming your shoe tree is already somewhat stocked with great styles and colors. And we’re assuming that you’re ready to branch out and make white kicks part of what you regularly rock. So take a stroll around our list of the 10 Best White Shoes for Men: Sneakers to Dress Shoes 2018. And don’t forget: keep the white shoes clean!


And, yes, we are beginning with a sneaker. But the Stan Smith isn’t just any sneakercustomized baby gifts, it’s probably the single most iconic sneaker there is. Sneakerhead website calls the Stan Smith “one of Adidas’s most recognizable silhouettes.”

Since its introduction in the 1970s, the Stan Smith has been rolled out in a remarkable number of iterations, one of the latest being these Primeknits. (You might just wanna rock the Primeknits in the hotter months and the traditional Stans the rest of the time. Either works for cool all year long.)

When you click into Amazon on this one, you’ll see seven different color combinations for the Stans. Of course, the classic Stan Smith is the white with fairway green, but you’ll look slick in any of the combos.

Creative Recreation

Super strong example, here, of minimalist styling making a sneaker versatile for everything from casual to more formal. Creative Rec’s Carda, which the company calls a “classic tennis shoe,” features a slightly exaggerated heel and Vuclanized outsole. The tumbled leather upper is presented in two contrasting textures, with the toecap being completely smooth.

Along the same minimalist lines, this Armani low cut is classically styled and simple, albeit with more branding emphasis and a higher price point.

The Carda features square laces and, for you wallet watchers, it comes in at a very affordable price so it’s automatically a qualifier for a rock solid list of white shoes for men. If you want to branch out to something other than white, the shoe is available in six different color combos.


The Walker Low Lace from Frye combines a couple of disparate, traditional looks into one: a classic sneaker and the more rustic, boot-like rawhide laces. The laces are complemented — and the overall look is accentuated — by the brown interior and the contrasting back patch. We think it works very well and easily qualifies this entry as one of the best white shoes for men that you can get.

Note the barely-there branding on the quarter of the shoe toward the heel, and the textured midsole at the toe and heel. Yes, these kicks will cost you a bit more, but Frye is known for its high quality, so you’re getting the proverbial whatcha pay for with this set. If you wanna move beyond white, the shoe comes in 10 colors.


The perforated look continues to be strong on the contemporary scene. It might not be as red-hot as it was a couple of years ago, but it’s still on-trend.

The Madden “M-Early” has a nice look because the perf portion is simply the main part of the upper, while the lace guard, toe cap and heel cap and shoulder are all smooth material (non-perforated). The material is synthetic.

We do want to point out that there are enough mentions among the reviews that you may want to consider buying this pair one size larger. I know from experience that any Steve Madden in my closet tends to be a bit more snug than my feet would prefer. Overall, we prefer the classic, cool look of these shoes, including the bordered gum sole with the red Madden logo plate. They are available in three different colors.


Like our fourth entry, this fifth set, from ECCO, includes some perforations, but here they’re more on the detailing side — on the toe cap and the mid-section of the leather upper. If you don’t count the lace guard, which sports the traditional ECCO logo, this shoe is minimally branded. We do like the contrasting texture of striping applied on the upper on the vamp. ECCO has applied its “comfort fibre system” to this shoe, which the company says ensures that the interior remains dry and comfortable, so you’ll not only look cool, you’ll feel it.

While I don’t own the Jacks, I do have a couple other pairs of ECCOs — some boots and some sandals. I’ve had them forever and they l-a-s-t. They are very durable and very comfortable.

For those of you considering the Jack in living color, it’s available in six different colors but, obviously, we’re focusing on white shoes for men so we’re showing it that way. For such a high-quality shoe at such an affordable price, it might pay to get the whites and a pair in another color.

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If you haven’t quite accepted the fact that sneakers can be dress shoes, this entry in our list of white shoes for men might be for you. With the Bates Lites Oxford, you’re getting a lot of tradition. Bates was founded as a dress shoe manufacturer in 1885 and, for many years, has been supplying different branches of the military with shoes. If you like the Oxfords, another option are these Doc Martens, which come in at a bit lower price point. The Doc Martens are almost like a sneaker/oxford hybrid.

The Bates set comes with a premium leather upper and the company’s “breathable Dri-Lex lining” interior. As for the overall look of the shoe, they are available in five different colors.

206 Collective

These 206 Collective Prospects remind me somewhat of the Common Projects Original Achilles Low. Both are classically styled. Both are very low profile. A small difference is that the Prospects are even less branded than the famously low-brand Common Projects. A really big difference is the price: you’re paying about $350 less for the 206’s.

The Prospects feature a super clean look with full-grain leather, metallic eyelets and a wraparound midsole (textured at the toe, btw). Regardless of whose kicks you’re comparing these shoes to, it’s a great price for a great look that can be worn in so many ways. As with most of the entries on the list, these Prospects are available in a color other than white. In this case, it’s a black upper and a white midsole. 206 Collective is an Amazon brand, so the quality’s gonna be there.


If sneakers can be worn to the symphony with dress trousers (which they can…when done properly), these Clarks Bushacre desert boots can, too. Yes, we’re throwing in a pair of chukkas. Clarks has produced the desert boot since the 1950s, so these white beauties may even have the edge over our first entry on the list when it comes to iconic status.

Made with the traditional crepe (raw type of rubber) outsole, the Clarks feature beautiful upper-to-sole stitching and a classic look that will work with everyday jeans or night-out slacks. While I don’t own a pair of Bushacres, I do have a pair of Clarks Weavers and they are super comfortable — I wore them all over the place recently while hiking around the wilds of London. I am a firm believer in the crepe sole, but I suspect that it’s the overall emphasis on construction that Clarks puts into its products that makes their shoes so comfy.

We’re showing the chukkas in “white perforated” but they are available in 32 (wha?!) different colors.

Aquatalia by Marvin K.

Aquatalia has been making fine Italian shoes since 1994, and this set is a fine example of sneakers serving up plenty of style. The calf leather uppers are embossed with a quilted type of pattern. We especially like the directional contrast of the patterns between the upper and the padded collar. Speaking of contrast, the brown leather interior includes a removable leather padded sock lining.

These are waterproof, for those of you ready to stock the winter shoe larder with some great white kicks. If you’re looking for something other than white shoes for men and you dig the shoe in a different shade, they come in five different colors.


Olukai has a definite island vibe and the Kahu Lace is a good example of that feeling. These are cotton/canvas uppers and a gum sole. The stitching is almost like an oxford, but these definitely lean more toward the sneaker side of things.

Olukai sent me a pair of these shoes and I can attest to their scoring very high on the comfort scale. What I like most about them is Olukai’s patented “drop in heel,” which allows you to step on the heel portion to turn the shoes into slides. Yes, you can do that with just about any shoe, but these are designed that way and you can tell.

Shown in off-white/toffee color, they’re available in three different colors. One last note about Olukai: the company’s got a terrific foundation that “preserve(s) and celebrate(s) the cultural heritage and aloha spirit of Hawaii.” To read more about it, you can take a look at the company’s foundation website.

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