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customized baby gifts 10 Household Ways to Use Vinegar custom anniversary gifts

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You will not believe all the?Household ways to use vinegar!?Of course, I love making my sour cream and vinegar cucumbers or this vinegar onion cucumber salad, but there are so many other ways you can use vinegar! My mother was a lifelong fan of cleaning with white vinegar as well as using apple cider vinegar (ACV) for health benefits.? We drank itcustomized baby gifts, we rinsed our faces with a vinegar rinse, we used it for sunburns! So many vinegar household uses!?

My husband has eliminated his acid reflux by drinking ACV with lemon and water before every meal. My mom would be so proud. She would have loved learning how to make vinegar!

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ACV is also the best way I’;ve found to clean and deodorize your microwave.?Of course, cleaning your home with vinegar isn’;t new, but here you can see a few things you should NOT use vinegar on.

Are you looking for new household ways to use vinegar? The good news is that there are so many different things you can do with it! Here are just 10 ways to use vinegar, but my friend at One Good Thing by Jillee is sharing 50 different uses for vinegar:

These are just 10 household ways to use vinegar! Since it is so versatile, you are bound to find plenty of other uses for it as well.

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About a month ago, a few of my friends started showing a desire to learn to sew. We had recently started gathering for a weekly “Crafts Day” and were discussing all of the possibilities for our activities. At first I was caught off guard because they had given me the impression they weren’t interested in sewing. After the initial shock, I immediately started planning my course of action. Making a pillow is one of the easiest projects for learning to sew. Also, home decor items are sewing projects that generate a lot of enthusiasm.

You don't have to have heavy duty furniture and furnishings to get the look. Bespoke shelving and a chic plastic table make a great work space.??

Somewhere in your stack of UFO’s is a completed quilt block without a future. Until now! Why not turn that unfinished quilt block or a gently used quilt into a quick and easy pillow for the sofa? It’s a swift way to repurpose an old textile creation and give it new life. And here is the best news: there is no zipper to install.