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customized baby gifts 10 Ideas for Summer from Bunny Williams funny cushion covers

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With summer comes a relaxed pace and sunny days that beckon you outdoors. It’s prime time for casual get-togethers and cocktails under the stars. This season, Bunny’s got all the answers for creating simplecustomized baby gifts, carefree style, so there’s less time worrying about last-minute guests and more time enjoying what matters most. Here are a few of our favorites from Bunny’s new collection that you’;re sure to love.

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Materials and Required Items: Sewing material, sewing machine, thread, sewing needle, scissors, quilt batting/thicker material for inside some of the projects, stuffing, ribbon, googly eyes x2, Velcro.

We are here to share some of our favorite tips and easy cheats for baking holiday sugar cookies. If you have been avoiding this holiday tradition, maybe this the year that you give it a try! Courtesy of our friends at Ziploc?, here are 10 ways to make cookie baking, decorating and gifting stress-free and just plain fun.