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customized baby gifts 30 Easy Valentine's Day DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Kids 2019 decorative pillow cases

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Valentine's Day is not just a romantic holiday for adults. It is also a fun time for kids to show their affection for their friends and maybe even their little crush. The list below has tons of fun ideas for Valentine treats, gifts, and crafts that you can help them make at home.

Are you tired of shelling out lots of money for store-bought Valentine's cards for your kid's class? Or maybe you are bored of the same old styles and want to make something creative and unique for your child to hand out to her friends. The DIY ideas below are funcustomized baby gifts, cute, and easy for your little one to make either by himself or with your help. From cute crafts and sweet decorations to treats and cards that will make his classmates smile, these DIYs feature Valentine's favorites like hearts, candy, and of course red and pink hues.

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I’m slightly obsessed with weaving wall hangings. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my growing collection but I love making them! ?I think?you’ll love it too. And I’m here to show you a very simple, VERY inexpensive way to get started on your first weaving with this DIY woven wall hanging tutorial.

I like to come up with ideas on how to repurpose ordinary things into decorative accessories for the home. Especially mirrors since they reflect light and can make a room look larger. I repurposed a dresser mirror to create a coffee table for my living room.? and a collection of dollar store frames to create a?3D Mirror Wall Gallery in a guest room.