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The transition from home to home is never straightforward and fitting your existing furniture and style in to new surroundings isn’t always an easy or successful task. The challenge grows further when downsizing to a smaller home, apartment or flat. The limited space forces you to select and part with certain elements of your existing home in the hope that those left standing will form a pleasing and practical ensemble. To try and help your transition from house to apartment this article takes you through some space saving tips on designing your new home.

Unlike your house an apartment of flat offers you relatively limited space and consequently it is important that you make the most out of every square inch. Before you move in to your new pad ask for or draw yourself a set of room plans detailing the measurements of each room. Take this back with you and begin measuring your current set of furniture. Play around with creating the best practical and pretty layout of furniture that utilises every alcove and cubby hole. If you larger pieces will not fit within the new space do not fear as there are plenty of simple yet ingenious ways to add well needed storage in to your home:

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- Create storage using shelves and wall mounted cupboards above your existing desk, side table or dresser. If chosen correctly and dressed with funky storage boxes, jars and filing boxes they can not only be hugely practical and space saving but can also contribute to your design scheme and overall look.

- Alongside this consider modifying your current furniture to better incorporate it in to its new surroundings. For example if a full bookshelf used to be housed in an unvisited study but now has pride and place in your hall way why not purchase doors or make a softer curtain or screen to place in front. - On a more practical note you can reduce the amount of storage required by condensing the items you already have. For example why not vacuum pack your winter clothes and place under your bed or in the bottom of your wardrobe. Upload your CD’s on to your computer or an MP3 player and keep the original copies in your loftcustomized baby gifts, storage cupboard etc. Take your shoes out of their boxes and place in a wardrobe shoe storage organiser that hangs from the rail giving you extra space for storage boxes, shelves etc.

Alongside the correct selection of furniture and storage solutions you can also help to enhance the feeling of space within the room using clever design tips. Light colours will always help create a light and bright space and so should be used for larger areas such as walls, carpets, bedding and sofas. To add your own design stamp and style keep darker colours, bold patterns and texture for smaller pieces of soft furnishing, feature walls, scatter cushions, accessories and rugs. When decorating an apartment less is most definitely more: a few statement pieces will look much more effective than an overcrowded and crammed room.

Try to look at your new move as an opportunity for a clear out and to condense your home in to a concise and perfectly formed space. The smaller space will need less maintenance and generally be less costly and allow you to spend more time enjoying and less time cleaning.

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