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customized baby gifts Amazing Attic Bedrooms – From Tots to Adults funny cushion covers

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There are some fabulous ways your attic or loft can be made into an amazing bedroom, from tots to adults there are some great ideas interior design to inspire you. The cliché of 'moving up rather than out' has probably never been more apt. If you haven't already considered the possibilities of using your empty attic space it's well worth investigating further to extend the size of your home.

This is a beautiful example of the amazing bedrooms and playroom. Plenty of floor space, neatly fitted cupboards and even a day bed tick all the right boxes in this fabulous bedroom.

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This awesome kids room is simply amazing. Simple in designcustomized baby gifts, the racing car bed is obviously the focal point. There must be some clever storage solutions which are kept well hidden behind the scenes to give this room empty floor space or maybe the room's solely used as a play area.

From tots to teens attic conversions can provide lots of space to play and sleep. Packed full of colour and interest kids of all ages will love going to their room if it was as stylish as this. Interesting climbing areas can be made using the highest part of the attic, make great use of all available space which is typically left void in any style of room.

New houses also have attics which can make a fabulous place for a kid's bedroom. With a bed tucked neatly under the eaves the floor space is opened up to provide a superb play area.

Attics also make great playrooms for kids. There's usually plenty of space for little ones as height restrictions aren't such a problem. Hiding beds behind curtains is a great way to transform the room into a multifunctional space. You have to admit there's something dreamy about using white in bedrooms. As white is a neutral colour you really can't go wrong, there's no colour co-ordinating to worry about and white looks amazing in old attic bedrooms for of rustic charm and exposed wooden beams as it does in a contemporary one.

White and bright this modern attic bedroom has a spacious feel, with an abundance of natural light. The fitted wardrobes provide plenty of storage.

Attic and loft conversions make great spaces for teens. There's usually enough space for a double bed, built-in storage or shelving along with a table for computer and games consoles. This private retreat is what many teens crave for – the ability to get away from the rest of the family and relax on their on or with mates.

Grab one of these and you can make any place your tea corner. The “sweetener” is how quick they are to make. A perfect use for your fabric scraps collection, where bold prints meet embroidered neutrals. BTW, plain cottons are great for this. Next time you’re invited for tea (or coffee) bring a stack of these as a gift ? and look for the smile you’ll get in return.

Today I’m excited to share with you a quilt that I started over 4 summers ago, it’s this super simple summer pinwheel quilt. It was a breeze to make and should not have taken me 4 years to finish! ?If you like this project you may also like this Gingham Daydream Quilt.