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Perfect retreats for parents and children attic bedrooms are a great way to use the empty space under your eaves. From the plainest décor to the most sumptuous there's some amazing attic bedrooms to suit all styles of homes. Converting your attic into a bedroom isn't something which should be taken lightly. It involves a lot of work, as well as planning permission in most instances.

However, once the space has been made habitable you'll have a blank canvass on which to turn your bedroom into a truly amazing place. Work with an architect and scout out the style of décor you want – it many be a lengthy process?but it's worth doing the leg work in the long-run. You may have to consider aspects such as height?restrictionscustomized baby gifts, the amount of actual living space and the type of window you include, so be prepared?to make allowances and be guided by the professionals in terms of construction. If you have skylight window then you have little choice than to use skylight window blinds.

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It?wasn't that many years ago when you could only get roller blinds to fit skylights, today you also?have the choice of Venetian blinds designed specifically to fit skylight windows. If your attic has Dormer windows you'll be able to choose whatever type of window dressing you?want – the same principles can be applied like any other style of window dressing, just scaled down a little to keep the proportion right.

Likewise colour schemes can be anything you want, a liquorice allsorts style (a mix of on-trend?colours which work in harmony), can look stunning in a contemporary attic bedroom, while you may want to be a little more conservative in a more traditional style of home.

I made these for the Prudent Advice Launch Party, and they were so easy and quick. I love the way they turned out. They were also a great excuse to put my new Simplicity Rotary Cutting and Embossing Machine to good use. It’s so awesome and fun!This garland would make a great addition to any party and put all your fabric scraps to awesome use. It would also be cute in a nursery as a fresh take on the pennant garland.

It’s time to deck the halls! We’ll be using Toolbox embroidery software to design a simple and festive holiday banner. This design utilizes the Lettering and Editing modules for this project, if you don’t have the full bundle installed!

Tips and trips to keep live Christmas wreaths and garlands fresh to enjoy them throughout the holiday season without the mess. Add stair garland and fresh wreaths into your home for the holidays without fear of them drying prematurely.