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customized baby gifts DIY Christmas Card Holder pillow covers farmhouse

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Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Joe was on shift for Thanksgiving, so we are pretending like Friday is Thanksgiving :) But, I wanted to share this fabulous project before our Thanksgiving festivities begin. For years, I have wanted to make a Christmas card holder to display all the beautiful cards that we receive from our friends and family. Well, I FINALLY got around to it this year and am loving it. Read on to learn how to make your own DIY Christmas Card holder! This post contains some affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Materials Needed:

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1) Cut your sheet of plywood in half lengthwise, so that the finished it is 1 x 4 feet.

2) Stain your plywoodcustomized baby gifts, according to the directions of whatever stain you choose. I used gel stain in Hickory, because I already had it on hand. After the stain dries, apply a satin polyurethane to protect the surface. Allow it to dry overnight.

3) Next, you are ready to cut your vinyl. I used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out “;SPREAD JOY”; of my gold vinyl.

The letters were large enough and easy to work with, so I simply peeled them off and hand-placed them on my wood, but you could use Silhouette transfer paper if hand-placement makes you nervous :)

4) Once your letters are placed, you need to get to work on your clothes pins, which you will be covering with your gold washi tape. Lay a length of washi tape on top of your clothespin, making sure it is lined up and straight. Run your washi tape the length of your clothes pin, cutting it just a bit longer than the clothespin. Since my washi tape was wider than my clothes pins, I trimmed the excess washi tape off the side of clothespins. After you trim the side, fold the excess washi tape over the each end of the clothespin. Finally, you will want to use your craftknife to expose the metal part of the clothes pin–;this gives it a more finished look.

5) Once you have washi tape on all 12 of your clothespins, you are ready to glue them to the wood with a hot glue gun. I placed 6 on each side, approximately 7 inches apart from each other.

That's it! It was such as easy and inexpensive project. I had all the supplies on hand already, so this project cost me only $10 {the cost of the wood}. I LOVE how it turned out. For now, it is displaying our past family Christmas cards, but I can't wait to start receiving Christmas cards so I can fill it up!

Want to save this project for easy reference later? Just pin it for easy reference later!

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