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The first Saturday in May is coming up this week, which around here means one thing! It’;s Kentucky Derby time! In celebration I’;m excited to share with you these Pony Party Favors!

?The city of Louisville rolls out the red carpet once a year and welcomes the world. ?The entire 2 weeks leading up to the Derby is full of lots of fun local events, it’;s truly the best time of the year to be in Kentucky.

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With a holiday coming up (and yescustomized baby gifts, the Derby IS a holiday) it means only one thing for me…;. a laundry list of unfinished holiday projects *wink*…;. I’;ve had a million ideas for Derby decorating and crafts running through my head for the last few months, but only managed to get a few of them done. This is one that I’;m really excited about.

These necklaces are VERY easy and inexpensive to make and would be fun favors for your Derby party. They would also be great for the kids to wear to school Derby week. ? My daughter is going to wear one when we go to Dawn at the Downs this week. I’;ll be sure to share a bit more about that later this week.

Here’;s how to make the necklaces:

You’;ll need

To begin:

Using your poker tool, poke a hole in the back of the horse. It does not need to be very deep but should be wide enough to start your eye hook.

Insert the eye hook into the hole you just started.

Glue a paper flower on. ?You can go crazy if you like at this point…; use all kinds of fun embellishments.

Cut a piece of bamboo cording to length and loop it through the eye hook. Then just tie it off at the end.

Easy peasy right!!???!

Make this pretty Christmas wreath with this simple formula! Now you can have a Pinterest inspired wreath easily (and its mistake proof)!

Getting back to binding basics by keeping it simple will help you to enjoy your binding. I’m excited to share with you my binding technique. Let’s make binding fun for you once again! I will have a few tips and tricks that will make binding a lot easier, fresh and new in your eyes. Let’s get started!

Have you ever noticed how many sites and people there are that will tell you what you need, what you like and what you should have to ensure the best wedding possible?? Some are well meaning and some are simply capitalizing on the fondly kept and anticipated dreams of little girls that have practiced walking down the aisle since they were five.? To be honest, I love hearing how others have made their day happen and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from those who have gone before or been in the business long enough to know.? In all of this, I've learned when it is all said and done, it is the pieces that represent the two of us that are most satisfying.