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customized baby gifts Design Hacks to Make a Room Appear Bigger floral cushion covers

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Small is beautiful, simple and practical! But, if you want an area in your home or complete space to look bigger and spacious, then can dé;cor come to your aid. It is not always the furniture or altering walls that can help you achieve it. Simple, dé;cor hacks can also help to make a room appear bigger. Below are some ideas to make a small room look bigger, without moving the walls.

#1. Let Neutral Colours Reign: There is something about pastel colourscustomized baby gifts, they make a space bigger and spacious. So, do away with dark colour cushion covers, beddings, and rugs. Let cool colours like white, blue and green take over. It will give the place an airy and open feel.

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#2. Paint the Walls Light: Repainting the whole house will be a tedious task. But, you can definitely take the plunge of changing the curtains. Get window curtains in prints or bold in soft hues. They will make the place look bigger and better. Even when it comes to printed ones, opt for ones with small and simple design, so that space doesn’t look busy.

#3. Change Fabric Upholstery: Buy upholstery in monochromatic tones to make space appear spacious. Look for upholstery fabric in monochrome prints and patterns. It will give the room a more open look and feel.

#4. Bring Sheer Curtains &; Valance to Play: Allow the flow of sunlight into your home to have an expansive feel. There is nothing like the natural flow of light in a room. So, bring sheer curtains to play in the common area and living room, where you don’t need absolute privacy. Likewise, on a small window try to get a beautiful valance curtain instead of a full curtain. A valance will add to the beauty of the window and allow the flow of light.

#5. Get Open, Floating Shelves: Getting a lot of console and side tables for convenience and dé;cor will make space appear full. Rather, opt for open and floating shelves. You can keep things accessible and use it for dé;cor purpose. Neat, tidy and compact, you can hang it on any wall of your home and save the floor space.

Use the above design hacks to make your room appear bigger. It’s all about the interplay of colours, best use of floor space and minimal dé;cor. Follow the rule of adding one and eliminating one if you don’t want your home to look done up. Planning to revamp your home with window curtains, beddings, and cushions in light colours? Check the collection at Deco Window. There are also options for upholstery fabric, sheer curtains, valance and floating wall shelves for your home. It is one stop shop for all your home dé;cor and window treatment needs. Check the range here, use the design hacks and colours that make a room look bigger and revamp your space.

Materials and Required Items: Sewing material, sewing machine, thread, sewing needle, scissors, quilt batting/thicker material for inside some of the projects, stuffing, ribbon, googly eyes x2, Velcro.

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