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A tablet is a great gift for a high school or college graduate. Tablets are great for students heading into college, but they are also a great productivity enhancer for college grads entering the job market. But finding the right tablet for your favorite grad can be tricky. We’ve rounded up five very solid, very different tablet options that all make great gifts.

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You might wonder why we aren’t recommending the Surface Pro 3, which is newer and more powerful. In fact, we already recommended the Surface Pro 3 in our post on the best college graduation gifts. But the Surface Pro 3 is just too expensive for some families. In addition, some liberal arts majors that have fairly limited technical requirements for a tablet may find that the Surface Pro 2 is more than adequate for their needs.

For people who can’t afford the Surface Pro 3customized baby gifts, the old Surface 2 is an option well worth considering. Pocket Lint and TheNextWeb both gave the Surface 2 favorable reviews on its initial release. This tablet runs touch-optimized Windows Store apps, and comes preloaded with Office and other apps.

One reviewer shares their experiences with the Surface 2 after using it for two months. Check it out in the video above.


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If your favorite grad already uses a Samsung smartphone, then a Samsung tablet is the natural choice. There’s a lot to like here, including a solid front and rear camera. A Super AMOLED Display with 2560×;1600 WQXGA resolution ensures that your recipient will be able to read the display in pretty much any light. There’s also an ultra power-saving mode, which both students and young professionals will appreciate. TechRadar gave the 10.5-inch version of this tab four and a half stars, with a full five stars given for the “performance” metric. The tablet includes the ability to expand up to 128 GB memory with a microSD slot.

There’s also an 8.4-inch version of the Galaxy Tab S, which may be a more appealing size for some tablet hunters. Both sizes of this tab come with lots of “Galaxy Gift” promos that offer your lucky grad plenty of cool tech freebies.

Check out the video above, which features over 40 tips and tricks for Galaxy Tab S owners.

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Looking for a super lightweight tablet that’s also powerful? This user-friendly tablet is a wonderful choice for a new grad. With a 64-bit Tegra K1 processor under the hood, a gorgeous display, and loud speakers on the front of the device, the Nexus 9 is great for people who are looking for a tablet to use primarily for home entertainment.

Battery life is also great, with the battery lasting up to nine hours. The Nexus 9 is a good choice for anyone who’s buying into the Android L ecosystem of devices. Add in a magnetic keyboard, and this is a tablet that can be used for business or educational purposes for years to come.

Check out Marques Brownlee’s review of the Nexus 9 in the video above.

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It’s just not a “best of” list about tablets without at least one iPad model. The iPad Air 2 is Apple’s most powerful tablet. CNET gave it a 4.5/5 star rating, and Engadget gave this tablet a solid 90 score in their own review. It’s just 6.1mm thick, making it ideal for people who want a slim, portable, lightweight tablet. It’s powerful processor makes this a stellar option for personal or student use, but it really shines as a business tab. This is hands down one of the best tablets on the market.

Check out a short but sweet review of the iPad Air 2 in the video above from the Verge.

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When is a tablet not a tablet? When it’s a 2-in-1, of course. A laptop that can convert into tablet mode is a really smart gift for a new grad, particular if you couldn’t decide between getting them a tablet or a laptop.

This inexpensive laptop can be used in notebook, tablet, tent, or display configurations, making it ideal for personal, educational, or business use. While it has relatively little on-board storage, that’s not much of an issue for people who store the bulk of their files in the cloud. While the screen is a bit small for a laptop, this device is a great size in tablet mode.

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