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Whether you’;re traveling for business or pleasure, when you get to your destination you’;d much rather be rarin’; to go than craving a good long nap. Fortunately, jet lag is temporary, and there are ways to minimize its effects.

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For those flying across time zones, the Mayo Clinic says jet lag can disturb sleep patterns and make you feel sleepy, out of sorts, and sometimescustomized baby gifts, downright ill.

Our internal clock, or circadian rhythm, signals our bodies when to stay awake and when to sleep, notes the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. When we travel, the body clock gets disrupted. The more time zones crossed, the greater the chance of developing jet lag. Symptoms of jet lag can include daytime fatigue, feeling unwell, digestive problems, difficulty concentrating and mood changes.

Frequent travelers Greg Geronemus, co-CEO of smarTours, and international etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer, author of “;Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Business Guide”; and founder of Protocol &; Etiquette Worldwide, offer these tips:

Use sleep medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, with caution, and never for the first time when away from home, advises Victoria Sowards, director of nursing resources at Passport Health.

“;Sleep aids—including natural ones like melatonin—don’;t mix well with alcohol or other sedatives, and can have side effects such as sleepwalking, dizziness, and confusion,”; she says.

Find out how you can get a better night’;s sleep when away from home with our article, “;Why Sleeping in a New Place Is So Tough and How to Fix It.“;

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