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customized baby gifts How to Give a Quick Boost to Your Interior by Introducing a Theme funny cushion covers

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When we think of the word 'theme' we usually conjure up images of bathrooms filled with items found on a beach or children's bedrooms with themes of favourite television or film heroes. However, in reality many of us include a theme within our homes without even realising it! An interior design theme doesn't mean that a particular subject has to be used, a room can have a theme based on colour, patterncustomized baby gifts, style or design. I think all of our posts include and mention colour as it's around us all the time; our world is full of colour in various shades and hues, that's why it's so beautiful and an inherent principle of interior design.

As such use it to your advantage rather than shying away from it. Plain white rooms can be stunning, however, they can also look very hostile and uninviting. This year we're being told that injections of colour in our homes is the morale boost many of us need during these difficult economic times. For this post we're going to focus on using colour and bedding as a theme. Have you ever seen duvet cover sets and fallen in love with the colour and pattern? The chances are that you would have done and yet due to the colour or pattern you've resisted the impulse to buy knowing that it will probably sit in the back of a cupboard and be forgotten about because it doesn't coordinate with your existing colour scheme. We suggest that you be inspired by such items and use them as a theme for your bedrooms.

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Typically interior designers will plan out colour schemes and then seek out the soft furnishings to suit, if you reverse this and choose you soft furnishings first you can then use the colour, style and design to create a room which is balanced and cohesive. For an example we're going to use blue, for one it's a relaxing colour which is ideal for bedrooms as well as being at the top of people's favourite colour lists. However, it's also a 'cold' colour which needs warming up with the use of texture.

Embroidered duvet cover sets and bed throws are ideal for bringing texture into your bedroom without any effort on your part. Include cheap curtains with a satin sheen and large rugs with a deep pile (in the same tonal blue as the bed throw) and you'll automatically be including a wide variety of textures. There are plenty of interior design ideas for you to consider and this suggestion is only one approach you may like to take to give your rooms a new and exciting look this year.

About a month ago, a few of my friends started showing a desire to learn to sew. We had recently started gathering for a weekly “Crafts Day” and were discussing all of the possibilities for our activities. At first I was caught off guard because they had given me the impression they weren’t interested in sewing. After the initial shock, I immediately started planning my course of action. Making a pillow is one of the easiest projects for learning to sew. Also, home decor items are sewing projects that generate a lot of enthusiasm.

You don't have to have heavy duty furniture and furnishings to get the look. Bespoke shelving and a chic plastic table make a great work space.??

Somewhere in your stack of UFO’s is a completed quilt block without a future. Until now! Why not turn that unfinished quilt block or a gently used quilt into a quick and easy pillow for the sofa? It’s a swift way to repurpose an old textile creation and give it new life. And here is the best news: there is no zipper to install.