customized baby gifts

customized baby gifts I ♥ My Serger decorative pillow shams

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While Erika’;s away at QuiltCon, I’;m stepping in as this week’;s Linky host. Which gives me a chance to talk about one of my favorite subjects?– sergers!

I?love?my serger. I wouldn’;t get nearly as much sewing done if it weren’;t for this little workhorse. Honestly, for the last year or so?my sewing machine has been an “;accessory”; for my serger, not the other way around! In the last two months I’;ve made three knit shirts (for me)customized baby gifts, cocktail napkins and dinner napkins (for friends), fleece pillowcases and blankets (for nephews), and recycled a finally-too-worn-to-wear cotton lawn skirt into a lovely scarf (also for me). And those are just the projects I made completely on my serger, with no sewing machine stitching at all!

personalised gifts

Not really sure what a serger does? Check out Ashley’;s super serger tutorial at Make It &; Love It.

Here are links to some of my favorite serging projects:

Sweet knit baby caps from Ashley at?Make It &; Love It.?(Bonus: Amazingly easy-to-make flowers!)

Fabulous pintucked pillow from Sew a straight line. Such rich texture, from just an ordinary 4-thread overlock stitch and a sewing machine straight stitch!

Did you know you make quilts with a serger? Here’;s a fun Serge &; Merge quilt from Nancy Zieman, with step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. I especially like the serged prairie points?– clever!

Screaming Mimi has a super-cute t-shirt upcycle over at Craftsy. Adorable ruffle and bow neckline!

Finally, the “;Roll It Up!”; pillowcase from the One Million Pillowcases Challenge. I made these flannel pillowcases for my brother-in-law. Once you learn the “;burrito”; pillowcase technique, you’;ll be whipping these out by the dozens.

What are your favorite things to stitch with your serger? Where do you go for inspiration? (I love Pinterest!) Leave a comment and share your ideas. I’;m looking for ideas for serger classes and would love your help! Jo

Materials and Required Items: Sewing material, sewing machine, thread, sewing needle, scissors, quilt batting/thicker material for inside some of the projects, stuffing, ribbon, googly eyes x2, Velcro.

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