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customized baby gifts Make 2010 A Year For Change – In The Lounge funny cushion covers

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According to interior design gurus and experts one of the hottest trends in 2010 will be a marked increase in the use of neon colours throughout all styles of homes. If the thought of neons makes you shudder it is worth remembering that there is a marked difference between colour clashing and subtle injections of neon brights.

Used against white or a pale grey background neon colours can create chic styling which will not only brighten your home but hopefully your morale as well! Using neon colours as an accent colour is a great idea in lounges, either by adding a variety of different coloured scatter cushions, throws, rugs or as a window dressing which brings your living space right up to date without going over the top!

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Cheap roller blinds in neon colours are an effective way of introducing bright colour into your homecustomized baby gifts, they are also a great investment due to their practicality and versatility. Not only are cheap roller blinds a cost effective way of dressing your windows, they can also help to reduce your fuel bills if you opt for ready made blinds which have a thermal property built into them.

Another great advantage of using blinds is that you can use them in conjunction with a wide variety of ready-made curtains in contrasting or complimentary colours. Using two different textures of materials is also very in trends this year, for example using a roller blind or Roman blinds with tab top curtains is another great way of reducing heat loss.

When looking to add neon colours in the lounge try to keep within the same colour spectrum, for example neon turquoise teamed with neon green can look simply stunning, alternatively opt for fuchsia pink coordinated with lime green, this way you will be adopting two of this year's interior design trends, the use of neons and deliberate colour clashing!

Making your lounge a place for rest, relaxation and sheer enjoyment is also at the top of this year's interior design trends. Those who love gadgets can have remote-controlled blinds and even curtain tracks which work from a remote control! Team these with a large plasma screen TV and the term adopted in 2009 'staying in is the new going out' will certainly apply!This year as the recession is still affecting people spending power making your home as comfortable, bright and cheerful is a much needed look which doesn't have to cost a fortune to achieve.

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Wooden blinds have been used as window dressings for many years. Originally used in colonial styled house to keep rooms cool, reduce the number of flying insects entering homes and offer privacy from the prying eyes of workers and passers by! These types of blinds were typically painted green to blend with their natural surroundings or white to compliment the shutter-board houses and window casements.