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customized baby gifts Make 2010 A year For Change – In The Bedroom funny cushion covers

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This year use the latest design trends in bedrooms to bring a new lease of life and a fresh look to your home. 2010 is all about creating havens of peace and relaxation at the end of the day.

Bright, bold colours can easily be achieved by way of bedding, duvet sets and at your windows. If you're looking for a soft, gentle feminine touch use pastel and sherbet colours Such as candy pinks and soft blues teamed with ivory or cream. Floral fabrics can be used to create a unique vintage charm and this year's mix and match works wonderfully well to create an eclectic look.

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'Boutique Hotel' is a new style trends 2010. Super chic styling with the statement headboards are in- voguecustomized baby gifts, the bigger and more flamboyant the headboard the better! Add an air of sophistication and elegance by using dove grey coordinated with a splash of yellow or lime. 2010 is also about texture and luxurious fabrics in the bedroom such as, crushed velvet, silk, organza along with detailing on boudoir style cushions, luxury bedding and on window treatments.

To bring the 2010 and design trend of eco-friendly materials into the bedroom, beds are seen as a real statement and obviously the focal point within the room. Opt for a new bed which will provide lasting comfort as well as being made from eco-friendly materials. Ethical issues are also at the foremost of 2010 interior designs, bed linen made from bamboo is now available and although sounds rather bizarre is claimed to be softer and more durable than 100% cotton!

Woods plays an important part for those who wish to continue the 2009 trend of going green. Four poster style beds had been bought right up to date in 2010 by using natural materials, curtains and fabrics made from natural linens and 100% cotton. If you prefer plain walls and neutral tones these work well as a backdrop for a statement bed.

As 2010 trends focus on creature comforts, blackout roller blinds teamed with full-length lined voile curtains provide you with both elegant styling and the opportunity for a good nights sleep by reducing the amount of light within the bedroom.

Coordinated bedrooms also remain in-trend this year, with walls, curtains and bedding all having the same tones and hues to create elegance and refinement. The colours you choose can be based on soft and gentle tones for feminine touch or statements colours for a more contemporary feel.

You do not necessarily have to adorn everything in bright pink as you often run the risk of creating a girlie, almost childish appearance but when done with creativity, you can create an appearance of sophistication throughout any room in the house. Pink is actually a wonderful colour to use in the living room and contrasts perfectly against navy blue. If you want to completely transform your living room, why not take a lick of paint and adorn your walls with hot pink.

Originally made for my youngest brother's birthday, Lightning Bug is a plush flashlight whos primary function is to provide light and be plush and squishible! My younger brother convinced me to start creating these furry monsters and this is my first.This project is centered around inexpensive and easy to find materials. If you are an electronics hobbyist, (like me!) none of the parts are hard to find. For all the non-electronics oriented amoung us, you will need a soldering iron, solder, some wire, and an LED (commonly found in cheap flashlights.Have fun!?

To TV or not to TV... that is the question. How does your TV impact your sleep and what can you do to wind-down before bed?