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If you have been here before, WELCOME BACK and thank you for reading my blog! If you are new here, you may not have read that we are in the process of making over our kitchen and phase 1 was our pantry makeover. Let me just warn you now that this post is photo heavy and it is long!

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The post explaining our vision for our kitchen makeover and the issues we will be addressing can be found here. And here is our mood board, to refresh your memory:

Ahhh, so pretty. But we have a LONG way to go to get THERE from HERE:

As strange as it may sound, we decided to kick off the kitchen makeover with our pantry, located behind those double doors at the left of the photo. The cosmetic appearance of the pantry was taken care of with paint. We painted the entire kitchen, including the interior of the closet and the shelves, with one of my favorite paint colorscustomized baby gifts, Babbling Brook by Olympic {note that I have tried color matching in other “;better”; brands and it never looks right}.

Painting was the easy part. Folks, there were a lot of FUNCTION issues that needed to be addressed. I am super, super embarrassed to show you this, but here is how our pantry looked before we got started. YIKES.

Whoa. Something had to be done. We emptied the entire pantry. There are no words to describe what a mess our kitchen was during this process. This photo gives you SOME idea of the chaos.

Fortunately, we knocked this project out in one day, so the mess did not persist for long!

Now, let me share with you my top 5 pantry organization tips and ideas. Then I will tell you all about how we implemented those tips in our own pantry makeover.

We addressed the depth of our shelves immediately. Our shelves weretoo deep, so things just got hidden and lost behind gobs of other things. Fortunately, our deep shelves were actually made with two shallow shelves {which measured 9 1/2 inches and 11 inches deep} placed side-by-side, so we were able to easily remove one shelf from each level to make them more shallow and accessible. That means our shelves were originally 21 1/2 inches deep and they are now 9 1/2 inches deep–;MUCH easier to access!

We were also able to use a couple of the shelves that we had removed to add two additional shelves to maximize the vertical space. All we had to do was add some additional shelf supports, which was quick and easy.

While the pantry was still empty, we sorted the mess into zones {used daily, used rarely and used sometimes} Next, we installed these AWESOME, adjustable door organizers on our pantry doors. I had to HUNT for these things! Because we have double doors on our pantry, the doors are narrow {18 inches each}. Most door organizers are intended for single doors and it was hard to find organizers that would work. These are 17.5 inches wide, installed. Not surprisingly, I found these on Amazon. If you have not already read my recent post about my love for Amazon Prime, you can check it out here. If you have narrow doors like us, these would be perfect for you. {affiliate link below}

Adding storage to the back of the doors freed up tons of shelf space, which was important since we had decided to make our shelves more shallow. We also picked up some blue baskets and bins at the Dollar Store to help us group like items together {cooking decorating items, baking ingredients, etc.}

Now, you will notice that I did not label anything. Don't get me wrong, I L.O.V.E. the pretty pantries with every single thing labeled with pretty tags that are all over Pinterest as much as you do. But, with shallow shelves, I can SEE everything in our pantry, so I did not feel the need to label anything just for the sake of making it pretty. Making our pantry functional was good enough for me!

Once all of the paint was dry, we were able to load everything back into the pantry. We placed the items that we use daily in “;zone 2”;, which consists of the door organizers and the middle shelves. The items we rarely use are in “;zone 1”;, which is the very top shelf. The items we use “;sometimes”; {weekly or monthly} are located in “;zone 3,”; which consists of the bottom shelf and the floor space beneath it.

With shelves that are more shallow, we an how SEE everything in our pantry. It's awesome! We are SO happy to have everything accessible and organized!

You'll notice that we decided to leave the very bottom shelf deep so we could store some of our appliances and larger items on it. We also still store our dog food and paper towels beneath it, and it's nice for that stuff to be somewhat hidden by the deep shelf.

And here are some more glorious “;AFTER”; photos for you to enjoy.

Let's recap, shall we?

How is your pantry organized? Do you have a fabulous pantry organization tip that I haven't mentioned? If so, please share it with me and my readers–;we would love to hear it!

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