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customized baby gifts Shelley Ferguson's top 5 product picks for June - sofa pillow covers

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Your Home &; Garden’;s managing editor Shelley Ferguson shares her top 5 product picks for the month

Hello, how are you? What’s been happening at your place this month? I’m getting ready to move house – well, I’ve bought and sold but haven’t packed a thing. Funnily enough, I’m quite excited about the prospect of packing, because it’s a great excuse to have a proper clean out. I’m determined to simplify our space as much as possible, and move into our new home with an edited version of what we have.

french linen cushion covers

One of the best ways to reassess your interiors is to take everything out of a room. Then have a moment with each objectcustomized baby gifts, observe how it makes you feel, and give it a place if you love it or need it. I’ve noticed a movement of people wanting to live more simply, whether their place is small or sprawling. Some are shying away from modern-day mass consumption; others have less space due to downsizing because of crazy house prices.

Whatever the reasons, some of the best storage lessons come from those with small homes. Pippin and Erica Wright-Stow say the love and thought that went into building their small eco-friendly Lyttelton home was uplifting, and the home has changed their life (see Your Home &; Garden, June issue). Natalie Kennaugh and Zara Losch say building their tiny but “healthy, affordable, life-giving and beautiful home” has been their ultimate adventure. If you’re suffering from clutter overload, I hope these stories give you ideas on how to simplify your space, so you can fall in love with where you live all over again.

Have a great month!

Words by:?Shelley Ferguson.


Portrait by Melanie Jenkins.


‘Colton’ throw, $199, from Freedom.


‘Estelle’ cushion, $69.99, from Farmers


‘Geo’ bowl, $99.99, from Farmers.


Knitted blanket, $989, from Plump &; Co?(or knit your own!)


‘Living’ mirror in oak, $289, from BoConcept.

Some cold days feel longer than others. These lazy days are for taking it slow and spending time with your closest people. And for culinary rituals of course. Do you want to cook something special? We are pretty sure the answer is “yes”. The best part of culinary rituals is that you can share their magic with your family.

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We’ve gotten a little lazy of late, since we dislike going to the gym (yellow walls with black floors under florescent lights) and we spend so many long hours at our desks. We could get stymied by our slide into laziness by comparing ourselves to all those buff self-disciplined people that faithfully climb onto the treadmill at the crack of dawn. Instead, we took a cue from this New Yorker cartoon, and decided to improvise a workout for ourselves at home, to just START with something simple, and work up: a bit every day. We figure doing something is better than doing nothing. And who says we have to work out a gym: the right way is what’s right for us.