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Thank you to ImpressArt for sponsoring today’;s awesome metal stamping giveaway!

It’;s no secret if you read here…; well, ever, that I totally love metal stamping and jewelry stamping. ?I’;ve been sharing stamped jewelry tutorials and ideas for a few years now, and I get really excited every time I see the product line expanded over at ImpressArt. ?I’;m a huge fan of stamping on their pewter blanks (which, by the way, are PERFECT for beginners) and they just released a bunch of new shapes and the new Juniper font set –; both of which I’;m going to be showing you in today’;s project! ?Be sure to read all the way to the end of the post today, and get entered in the giveawaycustomized baby gifts, too!

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I used a combination of wire wrapping and stamping to make this pendant. ?I love the “;floating”; look of the heart, and of course, I added my kids’; names for a totally unique mommy necklace. ?To get the look, here’;s what you will need to make a stamped necklace of your own:

First, you’ll need to create your frame. ?This may take a little practice – I’m a little on the rusty side so my wrap ended up slightly messy. ?But here’s what you will do, and wire is inexpensive and plentiful so you can be sure to get plenty of practice. :)

Cut a length of 18 gauge wire at about 8-10 inches. ?This will be on the long side, but it’s easier to work with the tails of the wire when they’re longer, and how much you need will also depend on what size you want to make it. ?Wrap your wire around a 1″; round object –; and GUESS WHAT –; your stamping hammer is the perfect size! ? Pull it tight, and give both ends a twist to “lock” them into place at that size and shape.

Slide your form off, and form one of the wire ends into a loop (for your chain) with your round nosed pliers.

You will have formed a piece that’s your round frame, a top loop, and a little “neck” in between. ?Wrap the tail ends of your wires around that neck part 2-3 times, and cut off the excess with wire cutters. ?That will give you a finished loop. ?If you find that you’;ve bent your wire frame a little when creating it, slide it back around your hammer to re-round it.

Now, for the fun part –; stamp! ?I really recommend that beginners check out my detailed beginner metal stamping post –; it’;s PAGES of information to get you started if you’;ve never tried it before. ?I will go over the basics in this post, but just know there’;s much more info to be had if you feel like this is still intimidating.

I ran out of stamp straight tape, so I just used washi tape to mark the spacing of my letters and secure my piece to my bench block. ?I stamped my kids’; names, and also a little heart.

Next, I darkened the letters with a permanent marker and used a polishing cloth to take off the excess markings. ?If you have another method you prefer (acrylic paint, liver of sulfur), you can certainly oxidize or darken your impressions however you like.

The holes are pre-drilled on the heart (yay!) so the final step is just to wrap your heart into your round frame. ?I cut a length of 22 gauge wire about 6 inches long, and wrapped 3 times, then added the blank and wrapped through the hole twice, then wrapped three more times. ?Trim the ends of the wire off with your wire cutters.

Finish your piece with an 18″; chain (mine’;s a 2mm curb chain, but ball chains look nice too –; totally up to you).

I love it –; it’;s so nice to have something more than round discs to choose from in creating stamped designs. ?Now –; ImpressArt wants to let one of you try the new Juniper font, too!

Rafflecopter will walk you through all the ways to get your entries in below. ?US friends &; readers age 18 and up can enter now through October 26th, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST. ?Good luck!

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