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customized baby gifts Stepping into Summer – Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Using Lavender funny cushion covers

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If you're looking for a bedroom colour which is trendy, yet refined and elegant purple and lavender are beautiful colour choices. Evoking an air of mystery, purple shades don't have to be dark and gloomy when used in bedrooms. Choose a mid-tone for the main colour and highlight with an accent of lavender to create a stunning bedroom which oozes chic style. Full length purple curtains or window blinds can be complimented with lavender bedding and walls. You could also adopt the new trend of painting your ceiling the same colour as the walls. This provides a smooth path for your eyes to travel – usually we have white ceilings which abruptly stop the colour flow and cause a visual jolt.

Usually the bed is the focal point in a bedroom, howevercustomized baby gifts, if you an architectural feature such as a beautiful bay window, this can be used to create the focal point. To make this swap successful play down the bed and bedding and place a dressing table or chaise-long or chair in the bay window. Use the curve of the bay to make the room look sexy – it may sound strange but it is easy to create a sexy bedroom without focusing on the bed! Although you'll be using various shades of purple to stop the room from looking too flat it's a good idea to select a subtle, yet punchy accent.

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Bedside table lamps are the ideal object to use as an accent and if you have a bedroom chair this, or cushions can also be used to bring a sense of balance to the accent colour. Steer away from the temptation to use white or beige and opt for soft peach or even green as the accent. If you think about lavender plants, the leaves are a mid-tone green and nature has successfully found ideal colour combinations to take the hard work out of trying to find a suitable accent! You can also include patterns on bedding and curtains, be careful though, otherwise you run the risk of spoiling the elegance and sexiness of the room.

Go for quality rather than quantity when choosing your soft furnishings and accessories. A bedroom is an intimate place which should be calming and restful, but it doesn't have to be dull and boring! Getting the equilibrium right, by making the right colour and furnishing choices, and you'll have a stunning looking bedroom.

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