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customized baby gifts Stepping into Summer – Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Using Whites funny cushion covers

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Although all white bedrooms remain on-trend, especially in contemporary styled interiors, white, or off-white is also used to make small bedroom appear larger. Recently this unwritten interior design 'rule' has been disputed by many interior designers as they suggest that small rooms can look equally as spacious when darker colours are used on walls and ceilings. I think the jury is divided on this at the moment, as for most of uscustomized baby gifts, white or pale neutral tones, provide us with the optical illusion of more space.

This can be emphasised further by using paint or wallpaper which has a soft sheen finish as the surface will help light to be bounced around the room, again making it feel larger, lighter and airier than it may be in reality. Tricking the eye into seeing beyond the initial aspects of a room is what good interior design is all about, so use these tricks of the trade to bring out all the positive features of your bedroom. In the same way your fabrics and materials can also help small spaces seem larger.

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Curtain fabrics with a reflective sheen to their surface will also evoke the feeling of more light, especially when caught by the breeze from an open window or highlighted by carefully placed lighting which gives the illusion of movement. In attic bedrooms making the most of any available light is imperative, otherwise the room will look dingy and feel claustrophobic. Skylight blinds are ideal as they sit inside of the window's casing and can be pulled up, either by a wand or a remote control, to expose as much of the glass as is possible. This in effect enables masses of natural light to flood into the room.

As the sun moves across the sky, streams and shards of light coming through the skylight window can create beautiful patterns on the walls and floor. Luxury bedding, also with a soft sheen finish to the fabric, along with cool, summer patterns and colours can also help to make an attic bedroom more open and spacious. While in non-attic bedrooms cotton bedding will help your skin to breathe rather than perspire; Egyptian cotton bedding is renowned for being high quality and amongst bedding which remains relatively cool even on the most sultry of summer nights. We know that one swallow doesn't make a summer, and yet we don't want you to be caught-out when the warmer weather reappears – so think about your bedding and change it sooner rather than later!

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