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customized baby gifts Top 10 Best After Christmas Sales on Amazon best personalized christmas gifts

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Even after this year’s endless barrage of deals, Amazon is still geared up as usual for some insane after Christmas sales. Some might find themselves asking, “what the point is of lowering prices after the three busiest shopping weeks of the year?”

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The answer is, “why not?” Year-end deals are of big interest to electronics companies who plan to update their 2016 models to next year’s design, warehouse dealers looking to clear space, or accessory vendors looking to grab the business of holiday gift card recipients.

These savings can be found in every shopping category too, from clothes, to electronics, to tools, and new deals are popping up all the way into the new year. Check out some of our favorite deals before they run out.

Want to see an even larger selection of post-holiday sales? You can browse more after Christmas and year-end sales on Amazon here.


Because projectors require a large blank surface to project uponcustomized baby gifts, many families must rely on massive TV sets for an immersive picture.

But if you have the means to display a projector image in multiple rooms, this Vivi Portable Projector from Artlii is a great way to enjoy up to 10 feet of picture in 1920×;1080 resolution.

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Did preparing for Christmas leave you completely drained of energy? This programmable espresso machine and milk frother can prepare you a creamy and flavorful cup of espresso in under thirty seconds.

This espresso machine uses Nespresso Original Line capsules, which offer a huge diversity of flavors and roasts. After that, no more groggy mornings.


A new pair of headphones is always nice to have, especially when its one of LG’s top neckband bluetooth headphones. These wireless earbuds rest at the end of a comfortable neckband, and provide high quality wireless audio for hours on end.

I would suggest top models like the Tone Infinim HBS-900 for only $80, or the LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 for only $110.


Hopefully nobody bought you a printer for Christmas, because as far as their fun factor goes, wireless printers are on the same level as business socks.

But the Brother MFCJ4420DW Wireless Printer is at a great deal right now for anyone who needs a new printer. This printer scans, copies, and faxes in addition to its high-efficiency printing.

It can print in large formats, and has a convenient touchscreen control panel for an easy setup.

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Looking for a way to make the best of the remaining winter season? I’ll bet you didn’t know you could set up an inflatable six person hot tub wherever you have room.

This hot tub is so easy to set up that its water pump can actually inflate the hot tub for you. It can reach up to 104 degrees, and heats quickly. I think you’ll warm up to this deal pretty quickly, too.


Got a lot of new toys for your tinkering station this Christmas? You might need some new storage space to deal with it all. If you do, this Durham Welded Steel 9-Drawer Cabinet is an easy choice.

This sturdy drawer set is $200 cheaper than its regular price, and will offer you plenty of space to store and organize tools, spare parts, or whatever you’ve got.

This Durham Steel Mobile Storage Cabinet has an equally juicy discount price as well.


Didn’t get that new laptop computer you were hoping for? Well, with a little of that extra Christmas moola you might have got instead, you can easily splurge on this high-end Dell 2-in-1 laptop.

It provides flexible use as either a tablet or a laptop, and packs some impressive specs to match. It has a 7th Generation Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB HDD for massive storage. And this is all 34 percent off normal price.


Want to start the year off with a renewed motivation for fitness? Right now, Garmin’s ví;voactive Activity Tracker is $100 off its normal price, making it a great entry into the world of fitness tracking.

The ví;voactive stands apart from the competition by offering something that most other fitness trackers lack: built in GPS. Rather than monitor your heartbeat (which is available in an upgraded version), the ví;voactive uses GPS to track distance traveled on runs, bike rides, swims, or walks.

This sturdy device also doubles as a conventional smartwatch, offering the ability to check notifications and install new watch faces on a high-resolution color touchscreen.


If your Christmas haul this year included a new TV or media player, you might already find yourself wishing you had a new speaker system to enjoy it from.

The Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System is one of the best entry-level soundbar and subwoofer combos out there, and it is currently almost $200 off its normal price.

This compact system can deliver room engulfing sound and volume, and offers a great sound signature for enjoying dynamic action movies, sports, and more.


The Steam Controller is a gaming controller made for PC gamers. If you’ve been enjoying this holiday’s Steam sales, you’ve likely got a couple new titles that could use this revolutionary controller, which hybridizes a traditional button setup with a mouse-emulating scroll pad.

The Steam Link, an additional accessory to this pseudo-console setup, allows you to stream PC games to your TV, making for an awesome gaming experience.

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Looking to shake up your home decor? Or love fantasizing about how you would decorate your dream home? If you’re looking for some innovative home interior ideas—whether it’s a creative children’s bedroom or the best pool in the neighborhood—we’ve got you covered. Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible design ideas implemented, either by professional designers or DIY enthusiasts. Some make a big impact with just a few elements, while others really go all out.

Applique:  A very simple art.  I truly believe anyone with a sewing machine (heck, even without one) can do this.  The funnest part for me is designing the applique itself, along with deciding which fabrics to use.  However, if you are not confident in your designing skills, here is a little treat for you, from me:  I have added several applique templates to my “Templates” page!  Here is my popular Owl template…

This idea comes from our friend Manal Aman. Stuff the?pi?ata with candies based on the size of the opening to avoid clogging.?You can choose to keep the lantern wire inside the pi?ata, which is fine if you're only putting confetti inside your pi?ata or very small candies. "For these Hershey's chocolates, I would definitely?to remove the wire so that they?drop out easily," she says.?"And leave the top uncovered. This way, the pi?ata can also be refilled over and over again."