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customized baby gifts Top 10 Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Clothing Deals best personalized christmas gifts

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Black Friday deals on clothes for you and your family are a real bonus, whether you’re shopping for Christmas presents or you’re just stocking up the closet. From warm coats and hats, to wardrobe staples like shirts and ties, we’ve found some awesome deals that are actually up to 80 percent off. But as with anything that’s an excellent buy, you’ll have to act fast to snatch up these Christmas bargains before they are out of stock.

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Be sure to peruse all of Amazon today for the thousands of black Friday specials on everything from watches to outdoor gear and more. There are great gifts for men, women and all the kids on your list. Plus it’s a great day to stock up on all your Christmas necessities, from ornaments to decor. If you’re strategic, this could be the day you finish your Christmas shopping and kick back with some football or holiday movies on TV. Here are our Top 10 Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Clothing Deals.

(Pop Fashion)

An infinity scarf is a super fun and easy way to put a lot of spark into your wardrobe without a big of investment. These super cute infinity scarves from Pop Fashion come in more than a dozen colors, making them easy additions to your fashion repertoire. At just $11, you can save 51 percent on these cute accessories on black Friday, so there’s no better time to grab a few quick, affordable Christmas gifts, while you’re getting some scarves for yourself. Made of 100 percent washable polyester, they’re super softcustomized baby gifts, and lightweight, with a cool hidden feature. They have a zipper pocket that fits a smartphone, passport, money, cash, keys, and more. So wrap, tie or twist yourself into a knot with one of these versatile infinity scarves. An infinity scarf is a great way to dress up your plain white v neck sweater, or tuck it into the neck of your winter jacket for some added color and warmth.


This is your favorite little black tee shirt, but with a sassy kick. This cute tee from CHRLDR proclaims “Tres Bien”, which, if you haven’t studied up on your French, means very good. And that’s just how you’ll look wearing this cute shirt that sports a little longer length to cover your belly. This lightweight top is crafted from a breathable cotton jersey, ideal for everyday wear or the most intense workouts. Wear it with skinny khakis, a denim mini skirt or performance leggings. CHRLDR has lots of fun tees with different necklines and sayings. Best of all they’re all 50% off on black Friday.

(Weather Tamer)

Finding a warm winter coat that doesn’t leave you looking like the Michelin Man is always a challenge. Finding one at a killer price is even harder. But when you’re shopping for the best black Friday sales, you can get lucky and find a jacket like this one. This belted, longer length puffer coat is thigh length so it has plenty of coverage to keep your bum from freezing. The belt gives it some added shape and it has an oh-so-cozy faux-fur trimmed hood. The shiny metal trims, and lush lining make this cute puffer a real deal at just fifty bucks, plus you’ll have more money to spend on other black Friday deals. Grab some cute black tall boots to wear out in the freezing weather, along with some extra warm gloves.

(TLC Sport)

Who doesn’t love leggings? They’re the perfect pants for lounging around on your sloppy days. They can salvage a little black dress that’s perhaps a little too short. You can workout or play in a good pair of yoga tights or leggings because they’re always comfortable, stretchy and awesome. Besides the fact that these awesome yoga tights are an impressive $37 off right now, they also have a special attribute we girls can appreciate during the holiday season. They offer tummy control, and who wouldn’t want that help after too many holiday dinners? TLC Sport also offers some super shaping yoga pants that are also discounted by 62 percent, so go ahead and eat that second piece of pie.

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There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself or someone else up in a 100 percent natural cotton waffle weave spa robe. This great robe makes a perfect Christmas present for someone you love, or a lot of someones. At 68 percent off its normal price, this is a five-star spa gift that the ladies on your list will absolutely love. It’s machine washable and that means it’s going to get softer and more cozy with wear. This robe is perfect after the hot tub, bath, shower or sauna. And it’s also great for just relaxing and lounging at home when you want to feel a little luxury that you can slip on anytime. Since this is such a screaming deal, you might want to order some spa slippers to match or give it as an at-home spa gift along with a relaxing facial steamer.


What if you could get the softest, warmest, most luxurious red sweater this Christmas? Cashmere is one of the most wonderful fibers for softness and it’s far warmer that wool. Made from the soft underbelly down of Kashmiri goats, it’s long been sought after in luxury clothing. This beautiful red sweater from SpringAir isn’t your average bulky sweater. Its slim fitting, pullover style makes it the perfect choice to dress up a black evening skirt or dress down when you pair it with designer jeans. It’s not often you can find such an amazing deal, but black Friday is going to save you a sweet $155. It doesn’t get better than that. Heck, order a black sweater for yourself and get the red one for your mom. It’s a splurge she’ll absolutely love.


Cyclists like outerwear that keeps them warm and dry, and this Windstopper jacket from Gore does just that. This men’s fleeced cycling jacket is windproof and breathable, perfect for the cyclist who makes the most out of every ride. With this incredible black Friday deal, you can save on this jacket for yourself or a bike riding friend because you’ll save more than $100. The slim fit reduces friction for an enhanced performance. And because it’s windproof and water-resistant, this jacket does a yeomans job of keeping you warm, even when you’re riding in lousy weather. This makes a killer Christmas gift for any runner, walker or cyclist. It’s practical design includes reflective elements on the front, back, sides and sleeves. It also features a small zipper pocket on the back with a watertight plastic bag for electronic devices. Keep extra warm with some Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Cycling Bib Tights, also 25 percent off right now.

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(Sherpa Adventure Gear)

Everyone knows the kind of wind and cold sherpas endure, so this awesome fleece lined, lambswool sherpa hat is a guarantee that you won’t freeze your noggin this winter. Because it’s such a great deal at 66% off, this cool winter hat would make a great stocking stuffer for all of your family. The fleece liner naturally helps block out the bitter wind and wool is a terrific insulator, meaning this hat will keep its wearer warm and cozy. To guarantee that these hats are authentic sherpa wear, they were hand knit in small women’s co-ops in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, right outside of Kathmandu.


This good looking men’s puffer coat is a great way to keep the cold at bay and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get it. At black Friday savings, this jacket is 70 to 80% off, meaning you can get a great puffer for under thirty bucks. This great jacket has candy colored knock-outs and a detachable hood. It’s also slim cut, so you’ll get a good jacket without looking bulky. Make sure to follow the measurement chart to get the correct fit. If you’re just looking to stay cozy around the house, consider a warm fleece vest to toss on over your long sleeved shirt.


A plaid dress shirt can be one of the most versatile options in a man’s closet. This great looking cotton shirt from Nick Graham is an awesome option at a black Friday deal of 55 percent off. Wear it untucked for an effortlessly stylish look, or tuck it in and wear it with a cool necktie to jazz up your workday. Add a cool vest over the top and pair it with some awesome jeans and you’ll have a completely different look. These cotton shirts are easy care and easy wear, and they’d make the perfect Christmas gift for any guy on your list.

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