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Get ready, friends, because today’;s post is going to be a lot of fun. I’;m partnering with ImpressArt Metal Stamps on an awesome starter set giveaway, and we’;re going to be talking FONTS! (Note: the giveaway period has closed. ?Please read on for tips on choosing a great font!)

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See here’;s the thing about most hobbies…; when you find something you love, you begin amassing a lot of accessories for it. ?In my case, I want ALL THE FONTS. ?Haha. ?(Is that so bad, really?) ?But there’;s a reason for it –; each project is truly enhanced by the font you choose for it. ?We do the same thing in graphic design…; we pick a font that says something on its own to help make our message visually better, right? ?And then, because we’;re also stampers, we have the satisfaction of taking hammer to metal to make these fonts happen. ?Bam. ?It’;s so satisfying.

I get a lot of comments from new stampers advising other new stampers to save money by buying an economy stamp set from a tool outlet. ?That’;s not bad advice. ?But I want to take a moment to point out, that’;s an uppercase-only letter (and possibly number) set. ?It’;s actually the first thing I started out withcustomized baby gifts, myself! ?The price point can’;t be beat, that’;s for sure –; but when you buy from a tool outlet, you’;ll most likely end up with a very industrial-looking set, which translates to industrial-looking pieces. ?Which is cool if that’;s what you’;re going for. ?But if you’;re getting into metal stamping for things like gifts and keepsakes, then you generally want a softer message. ?So really take a look before you make any investment, because other than my first couple practice pieces, I used my industrial tool-outlet stamp set exactly zero times for real pieces. ?It’;s the only thing I own in my stamping supplies that I feel was actually a waste of money, rather than a savings.

I…; well, here’;s my confession. ?I’;m going to show you my fonts. ?(And please don’;t judge that I haven’;t yet mastered my newest addition, the Varsity font. ?I’;m still getting used to it, haha.) ?Take a look, and see what your font is saying, before you’;ve even stamped a word.

Okay and if I’;m being really honest…; I have 3 sizes of the sans serif font. ?And looking to acquire a 1/4 inch set too, ahem. ?But what I did here was think about the statements that my fonts make. ?Then, I stamped that word on a sheet of copper. ?Kind of interesting, when you view it like that, huh? ?(I added labels of the font names after the fact for your reference, so you can find them if you spot one you love. ?You’;re welcome.) ?Most of these I have upper and lower case for, but I stamped with what I most often use (which is overwhelmingly lowercase).

See, different pieces just inherently have their own tone and message. Using the different fonts adds the element I’;m already going for with the word or statement I’;m stamping. Here are some of my recent projects, to show you what I mean:

I’;m not saying you should start buying all the fonts, but once you start with your economy set (and as usual, if you can’;t afford both then I recommend trying out the lowercase, because that makes it look like you AREN’;T SHOUTING) and find you like it…; it’;s time to choose maybe one font that you love. ?Consider your design style: is it sentimental, or edgy, or inspirational? Do you make pieces mainly for yourself, for friends, or for children? How can you take your flavor of design to the next level? Making one or two small upgrades can do amazing things to even basic techniques. ?Take a look at what I’;ve done below –; I swapped out the economy font for a designer font (I used ImpressArt’;s Jeanie font) and I changed the beginner aluminum blank to a beginner pewter blank instead.

It’;s just one word, stamped on a 3/4″; size disc. But the new details give the piece more depth and more character. ?All the while you’;re still just stamping one word. ?And you –; yes, you –; can totally stamp a single word. ?(Think you can’;t? ?I have a great beginners’; metal stamping tutorial to get you started!)

It’;s kind of surprising, isn’;t it? ?What a difference.

I love ImpressArt stamps because they’;re easy to hold while you stamp, they’;re marked clearly with the letter you need, and they have a great variety of designs. ?Many of which I do own. ?(Don’;t judge.) ?And I love, love my stamping hammer.

I’;d love to let you guys come over and stamp with me sometime to see which font is your favorite, but today, I’;m going to do the next best thing: I’;m going to hook you one of you readers up with a new stamping kit of your own, courtesy of ImpressArt!

You’;ll want to do a couple things here: first, take a peek at all the beautiful fonts ImpressArt has to offer, and check them out socially on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. ?Then, let Rafflecopter guide you through how to get your entries in to make the Jeanie font your own as part of this great beginners’; kit! ?The giveaway is open to US readers and friends, just get your entries in by June 12th at 11:59pm EST. ?Good luck, and happy stamping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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