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personalized baby blankets 10 Minute Valentines Table Decor custom anniversary gifts

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I am ALL about quick ideas, especially when it comes to decorating ideas! This 10 minute Valentines Table Decor?is something anyone can do and it looks festive and pretty! Like my 5 minute DIY Christmas Luminaries which have been featured online in many publications like Country Living, it just goes to show that pretty doesn’;t have to be complicated!

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I don’;t decorate for Valentine’;s Day really. My son’;s birthday is near?that date and usually, when you’;re having a birthday party for a boypersonalized baby blankets, the last thing they want around is a bunch of Valentine decorations. ?

Sometimes, though I like just a hint of holiday and that usually means a creating a quick valentine tablescape using items I already have, or simple items I can throw together. Decorating your table is all you need to do for many holidays. That’;s why this 10 minute valentines table decor was perfect! Last year, I made a quick Valentine’;s Day Printable Bunting banner. You can still download it if you’;d like it.?

Valentine’;s Day always brings a huge collection beautiful candies, so why not decorate with them? I chose conversation hearts for their traditional look and because I don’;t like eating them! At first, I thought I’;d fill a clear vase with them, but decided to fill my beautiful scalloped platter full of them with one of my milk glass vases full of simple daisies. Boom!

I went one more step and created a quick table runner out of all the heart shaped doilies I’;ve had stashed in my valentine tote.?

I started with the large hearts and just layered them in a line, filling the middle of each heart with one of the red or pink hearts. BOOM again! I did use my adhesive runner to stick them together, but it’;s not necessary. ?

Because the red and pink hearts could color bleed, I’;d be careful not to get them wet. That may make you cranky if you suddenly have red or pink stains on your table.

It doesn’;t have to be fussy and elaborate to be stylish and festive!

I haven’;t added any other Valentine decorations anywhere else in the house, which means no extra work to clean up after the holiday is over. Who needs extra work, right??

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