personalized baby blankets

personalized baby blankets 10 Monogrammable Gifts to Put Under Your Tree funny cushion covers

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The gift-giving season is upon us. We’;re making a list and checking it twice, and this yearpersonalized baby blankets, monograms are definitely on our ‘;Nice’; list! Here are 10 gift ideas thatcan be personalized, and Santa’;s elves are thrilled about it!

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personalized baby gifts

This one is for one of those little drawstring backpack bags that are so popular. But I've added a couple twists to bring it up a notch: 1) it's completely lined; and 2) there's a flap that you can embellish with buttons and stuff. Also, (as a personal challenge) this pattern does not require any notions, or fancy stitches. You can do the whole thing by hand, with just two third yards of fabric, needle and thread. ---------------------------------| Like the idea, but lack the materials, time or motivation? | You can buy this purse (and others like it) at my etsy | store, ArtsiBitsi. ---------------------------------

As soon as the turkey leftovers are gone you can count on one thing — the mailbox will start filling up with holiday greetings and Christmas cards! The two seem to go hand-in-hand. But what do you do with all those cards once they come in the door? We’ve got 7 ways to display the cards in your home — not just sticking them on your boring bulletin board or fridge.

Just like a rug or proper lighting, artwork is an important layer in your decor. It brings color, texture and personality to a room. And because it’s a reflection of you, it adds that personal touch that makes it all the more meaningful, says Ballard Designs’ Art Buyer, Karen Fleenor in our Art 101 series.