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personalized baby blankets Announcing Our Finalists…Vote Now! personalized pillow case baby

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Spring 2011 Contest

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve received hundreds of gorgeous baby bedding design submissions. We were amazed by your creativity and would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who participated. Some decisions in life are easy…wake up at 4AM to watch the Royal Wedding – easy decision.? Keep your kids home from school to watch the Royal Wedding – easy decision. Narrow down the bedding design competition to ten finalists – HARD decision!

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For example, how do you choose among the following creative themes?

andpersonalized baby blankets, of course our perennial favorite…

And now it’;s your turn to help us decide whose bedding design is the dreamiest.

So without further ado, we’d like to present the top ten designs in our “Design Your Dream Baby Bedding” competition! Here are the rules for the voting period:

See something you love and can’t live without? Buy it! All designs can be purchased as-is, or click “Customize” to personalize the design so it’s perfect for you and your baby.

Have fun, share this with your friends, and help your favorite designer win $500!

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I bought these leg warmers online for my daughter's booties. But she was so disappointed when only ONE arrived! Yes, the pair was incomplete. I promised her we will make something amazing with it.

Yellow is an incredibly popular colour, both in nature and in interior design. One of the first things we think about that is yellow is the Sun, with its blazing radiance. It is also a very common sight in nature, both in flora and fauna. Using yellows when decorating a room, or entire home, is a great way to bring about this open and outdoor feeling of the sky above.

Floral borders have a unique way to turn a plain tablecloth or table runner into a striking décor piece. They can also set the tone for a meal or event. I like to start with a simple motif, tile it along the edge and let it do its magic. With BERNINA Toolbox software, it’s quick work to assemble a basic repeat of the border. After that, it comes down to stitching it out and rehooping as needed.