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personalized baby blankets Announcing Project Polka Dot 2014 customized baby gifts

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Last March I got a crazy idea to ONLY blog about Polka Dots for one month. ?The idea came after I attended a blog conference and some one said to me “;I can’;t remember your name, but you’;re the polka dot girl right?”; I got a nice kick out of the comment (it was said to be complimentary)…; After that I decided I’;d just run with the whole polka dot thing.

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Since last year’;s Project Polka Dot was so much fun, I thought it would be a great idea to bring it back for another year. ?This year I’;ve ramped things up a bitpersonalized baby blankets, more ideas, more giveaways and more guest bloggers!

I’;ve got the most amazing group of ladies that will be sharing all kinds of Polka Dot ideas with you all month long!

Please stop by their blog and say “;HELLO”; from me!! I do love them all for doing this and want them to all feel appreciated!

Project Polka Dot officially kicks of next Monday. ?All during March (with a few exceptions) this blog will be all polka dots. all the time. (I always wanted to say that *wink*)

Just so you know, I hand picked some sponsors to work with me for this series. I wanted to get some great stuff to give away to YOU! So you’;ll be seeing a higher concentration of sponsored posts than normal. ?Don’;t worry! It’;s just for this special series and only because I have some AWESOME ideas to share with you and some great stuff to give to you guys!

Lots of great giveaways from fabric, to ribbon to stencils and more…; The good news is, you’;ll only have to enter ONCE to enter all of the give aways for the month. Cool huh!! More details on that with our first giveaway.

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