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personalized baby blankets CHA Show- Liz & Jackie's Made-in-the-Booth Pillow-Covers-in-a-Flash customized rustic pillow covers

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Here's another fun project we did in our booth at the recent CHA Craft Super Show in Anaheim. Again, this completely proves neither lack of space nor limited time are sufficient excuses for not making your own home décor. The other lesson from this tutorial is how a clever bit of geometry can transform a plain square pillow into a much more interesting pieced pillow. Start with a square and slice it into pieces, then put it all back together again. The only thing to remember is to add ?" to each piece anywhere there's going to be a seam. As I always saypersonalized baby blankets, after all the time I spent hating math in school, Mrs. Martinsen was right, I do use it all the time!

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Diagonal Pillow #1:



Diagonal Pillow #2:



Matched Squares Pillow:

Front and back are made up of two squares each of:

Fussy Cut Pillow:



All our pillows are 12" x 12" finished. Our standard directions for cutting patterns for an envelope pillow are as follows:

To do a plain front/back pillow with a slip stitch closure, you simply cut two "Pillow Fronts" as described above, because your front and back are identical.

Other machines suitable for this project include the Baby Lock Natalie A-Line and the White W750.

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