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Oh, spring cleaning. It's not the most magical time of the year, but we get it done. Even if you think you've doing great, somehow as soon as that sun starts shining right in the windows, it's a little easier to notice that dust you didn't see before.

Vacuuming. Dishes. Laundry. It piles up (pun kind-of intended) and we need a little help sometimes.

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Don't Google how much time we spend cleaning house a week. It's almost sad. Some personal blogs have parents clocking in almost 20 hours a week just on cleaning up. We'd love to tell you that this blog is about a brand new product that will magically blink your house into perfect cleanliness, but it isn't.

But we do have some stuff you'll probably likepersonalized baby blankets, that may not make cleaning your new favorite pastime, but might shave a couple minutes off your 20 hours.

Oursilicone bottle brushes are amazing. I know, we're a little biased, but they really are amazing, and you'll love them too. Why?

And of course you can pair it with thedrying rack, which is stackable and collapsible, so you get to decide just how much you need it every day. You can use it for bottles, teethers, pacifiers, or anything else that fits, and it hardly takes up any space. Then it just folds flat to be stored. We've even had people travel with it because it's so simple and convenient.

I'd be remiss to not remind you of one of our most favorite products, too:the Silicone Fish Scrub.It's so cute, and sosoft that you can use it on all ages.

We've heard many stories about fish scrubs that have "gone missing" because another family member got their hands on it. It's a great bath time toy, fidget toy, cradle cap scrub - we know, what can'tour silicone products do?

Cleaning isn't exactly the best way to spend a great spring day, or summer day, or honestly, it probably isn't our favorite way to spend any day. So when there's something that makes it easier, more fun, safer and healthier, and even just cuter, we're here for that.

What kinds of cleaning tips do you have for other parents?

A nap is about as refreshing as a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. When stressed, sleepy or tired, a small siesta is all you need to energize your body and get you ready for the remainder of the day. Unfortunately, sleeping on hard objects is rather uncomfortable and can give back pains and neck aches. Falling asleep on seats in cars or airplanes does harm to the drooping neck. Also, in noisy environments, it gets even harder to get the nap you deserve, no matter how bad you want to.

I’m always trying to find beautiful art to fill the walls of our home. I love the occasional family photograph, but typically use them in more personal areas of the home, a gallery wall, & on a smaller scale in the family room. That leaves a lot of empty space! Throughout our home, I’ve hung the occasional clock, created my own art, & of course I purchase pieces from time to time.?For our dining room, I wanted to add a little interest. I integrated vintage platters into the decor to give the room some depth.

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