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For some reason, my kids were always very well-behaved in the car.?I found that if we left the house every day, things seemed to run smoother. My oldest daughter loved this, as she wasn’;t stuck at home all day with screaming babies (she was 6 at the time). Many days we’;d load the babies up in a stroller and walk around the mall or a store. Most of the time we didn’;t buy anything we just?enjoyed getting out and walking around. ?

As they got older I found that we spent more and more time in the car so I started to use that time as a little bit of “;decompression”; time for myself. ?I’;d usually load up my purse with a bunch of magazines, a soda and a treat. ?Then I’;d spend my time flipping through magazines and enjoying a?snack as I waited for soccer practice to endpersonalized baby blankets, or dance or whatever it was that day. My oldest is now 19 and those babies are about to turn 14!!! I find that I need those quiet moments just as much as ever. ?

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Since I work at home (this blog) and the kids are gone all day, quiet is not the problem nowadays, the problem is walking away from work and taking a minute to pause.

I find sewing very relaxing…; the problem is, when it’;s your JOB sometimes it’;s not relaxing. The busier I get, the more I find that I still need a sewing project as a?coping mechanism. The problem is that it gets muddled in with all of my deadlines. ?I decided a while ago that I need to keep some of those?sewing projects just for myself. ?Things that I sit down and sew with NO intention of ever blogging about it. ?

Right now I’;m playing around with English paper piecing and smocking. ?I try a few days a week to pause from what I’;m working on and sit and work on what I call a “;slow sewing”; project. ?I’;ll turn on the TV, pour myself a soda, and grab a treat.

One of my favorite treats are the Pepperidge Farm? Milano??cookies…; For me they are the perfect combination of crunch and dark chocolate. ?I just have to make sure that I only take two out of the package and put the package right back in the cupboard, otherwise I’;ll eat the entire bag!

To help us all remember to pause for a moment (myself included) I’;ve made a free printable for you that you can download over on the templates page. ?It’;s one of my favorite quotes:

“;Now and then it’;s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy”;…; Wise words, even though they are sometimes hard to follow.

You can use it to indulge yourself a bit. Whether it’;s a spa treatment, a fun night out with your family or a magazine and a bag of cookies, you decide! To enter for a chance to win, just leave a comment below…; Tell me: “;What are some of your favorite ways to pause and take a moment?”; ?I can’;t wait to read all of your ideas, I may even need to adopt some for myself! ?

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