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personalized baby blankets How to give your baby’s nursery a monkey theme personalized newborn baby gifts

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Your baby no doubt shares many characteristics of the monkey. Cheeky, playful and sometimes overly loud. In this themed guide, I am going to cover some adorable items that will turn your baby’;s nursery into a monkey-filled jungle.

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4. Lamp

7.Pillow pet

10. Wall art

5. Pacifier

8. Mobile

11. Change pad?cover

3. Wall decal

6. Play mat

12. Monkey costume

The crib is the centerpiece of any nursery making it an ideal place to start when you monkey theme your baby’;s room.

If you want to further the effect of having a room full of monkeys, you can hang the comforter on the side of the crib when not in use to increase its visibility.

Printed monkey blankets are boring. Why not get your little one a blanket that your little one can touch and interact with?

Bonus tip. Before giving a blanket to your baby, sleep with it for a few nights. This will cause your scent to rub off onto the blanket. Your baby will now find the blanket more comforting than ever.

I cannot express how much I love wall decals. Easy to install, easy to remove. Wall decals are essentially stickers that you directly apply to your walls. A quick simple way to scatter monkeys around the room with minimal effort.

For a monkey themed nurserypersonalized baby blankets, you can get a little creative with where you place the wall decals. You could clump them together over the crib, like one big happy monkey family or you could place them strategically so it appears like you have monkeys swinging from your nursery furniture.

Illuminate the darkness of the nursery with the help of your friend, the monkey.

A light bulb does not come included which gives you the freedom to choose how bright you want the light to be. As the lamp will often be used when laying your baby to rest you do not want a lamp that gives off the light of a thousand suns.

A two in one solution for your crying baby. A pacifier to suck on and a monkey toy to play with. Who knew monkeys could be so helpful?

Whether you simply use it as a highlight for your nursery or a play mat for your baby, this monkey mat is the perfect way to monkey-fy (Okay, made up word, what would you use to describe the addition of monkeys to a room?) your room.

I am sure you have all heard the annoyingly catchy jingle that just seems to get stuck in your head. Don’;t worry, I’;m not going type it out and bring back all that repressed trauma.

Jingles aside, a pillow pet can be either a pillow or a plush toy. My little one has elephant pillow pet and loves it to bits.

Maybe I shouldn’;t have put this as a product in the guide as while it does make for a great monkey highlight, chances are it will spend more time in your little ones hands than in the nursery.

Swinging monkeys holding bananas. It doesn’;t get any more monkey themed than this musical mobile. Your little one will adore watching the monkeys swing around in the breeze.

Did you know you can change your boring old light switch to match your nursery theme? I didn’;t. That’;s why when I saw this monkey light switch cover I knew I simply had to add it to the list.

Made of metal rather than plastic, the light switch is not only fun to look at, but functional as well.

This cute wall plaque will make the perfect addition to any wall of your nursery. While the lithograph appears to be painted, it has a smooth texture.

Oh no, poop! You can now change your cheeky little monkey on a cheeky little monkey. It’;s like monkey inception.

Yes, I know that this costume can in no functional way be used to give your nursery a monkey theme. Well, unless you dress your baby up and tell them to stay put. Yeah, good luck with that.

The monkey costume is so cute that I simply had to add it. It’;s impossible to look at it and not smile. If the world doesn’;t know that your baby is a cheeky little monkey, dressing your little one up in this costume will definitely get the point across.

So you are a little stuck on how to convert your baby’;s room into jungle teeming with adorable monkeys? Roll your eyes over these triumphant examples of how to use monkey products to highlight areas of the nursery.

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Hmmm. That’;s it. No more monkeys. Do you have any amazing ways you incorporated monkeys into your nursery? Let me know below.

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