personalized baby blankets

personalized baby blankets Ice Cream Social Party- Ice Cream Cone Balloon Tutorial customized gifts for mom

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These Ice Cream Cone helium balloons that we made for Quinn’;s Ice Cream Social 4th Birthday were a huge hit and so easy to make!

Read on for the details and the free printable to make your own Ice Cream Cone balloons. They are perfect for end-of-Summer celebrations!

personalized baby gifts

Download the free Ice Cream Cone Balloon Printable. It looks like this…; but higher resolution.

Print out one copy for each balloon on 8.5 x 11 Brown Kraft Paper. If the paper is thick/cover stock like I used here, it will be heavier and may weight down the balloons, requiring you to fill them up with more helium. Lighter/text paper is better.

Cut the curve of each sheet. You can also cut off the edges but it’;s not necessary. If you have mad scissor skillspersonalized baby blankets, cut a stack at once.

Curve the paper like a cone.

Staple the overlap in two places, leaving a small space at the cone point, enough for the balloon string to travel through. I love this A long-arm stapler but not necessary.

Blow up all of your balloons with helium and tie a string of Kraft Ribbon. run the other end of the ribbon through the cone and out of the point. Pull ribbon until balloon sits inside cone.

Staple through the ribbon to secure to the cone point.

with a friend or two.

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