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personalized baby blankets Make a Faux Shiplap wall with Peel-and-Stick Shiplap Wallpaper pillow covers farmhouse

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It’;s no secret that I love, love, LOVE peel-and-stick wallpaper. It instantly changes any space, without major hassle or expense. Pluspersonalized baby blankets, when you’;re ready for a change, you just peel it away. It’;s? a fantastic decorating tool for homeowners and renters alike.

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After perfecting my wallpaper application technique installing a wallpaper subway tile backsplash in our previous rental, I felt confident filling a complete wall for my next project, I bought this removable wallpaper online, and used it to update my new home office/craft room. In about an hour, this wall got a new look.

Here’;s a little lime-lapse video of the whole transformation:

The product description online shows how many square feet a roll will cover, but for reference, I used three rolls on this wall.

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You guys. I can’t even begin to tell you how long this winter has lasted. Like, we-got-FEET-of-snow-dumped-on-us-in-mid-April kind of LONG. Last summer, I planted a small hydrangea in a pot at the end of our front steps, and it was the best decision I ever made. Every time I turned into our driveway, that little plant was the first thing that I saw. I LOVED it.

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