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Happy Monday, my stencil loving DIY’;ers!? Did you have a great weekend or was it filled with laundry, organizing, and other boring household chores?? If you’;re starting to feel an awful lot like Cinderella but before the whole prince charming and magic castle part then Cutting Edge Stencils is going to ride in on stenciled white horse to save your day! No, nopersonalized baby blankets, no we don’;t’; have that glass slipper that is going to magically make the endless loads of laundry disappear. We do on the other have something can add a little bit of patterned fun to your daily tasks.

Have you ever opened a closet and been pleasantly surprised by a bright pop of patterned color?? While it might catch you off guard because it’;s just not expected, it can also bring a smile to your face.? And today I’;m bringing you two stencil ideas that might inspire you to add a bit of stenciled fun to some everyday chores.

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Meet Michelle, the creative DIY enthusiast behind the blog A Little Tipsy.? Like you and me, Michelle is overwhelmed with laundry and finds her laundry room to be “;loads of fun.”;? When she moved in to her home 6 1/2 years ago, the space was peach and gray with a green wallpaper border which she thought was hideous.? Her goal was to makeover the room to something more organized and of course a lot prettier.? Hey, if you’;re going to be spending a lot of time doing chores, the space might as well be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, right? Michele had a small stencil project (frosted mirror) under her belt and felt that she could conquer the laundry room using our Fuji Allover Stencil.? She painted the laundry room a cool shade of blue similar to Benjamin Moore poolside 775 and then added her Fuji Stencil over it to give the perfect touch.

Now that the project is complete, Michelle enthusiastically admits “;I totally have a crush on my new wall!”; I think I do too!

I don’;t know about you but aside from laundry; organizing is the second thing I do most on the weekend. Now that we showed you how to add a fun stencil to your laundry space, we’;re going to see a great way to add a stencil to all your organizers!

Meet Melanie, the diy blogger behind the blog Bear Rabbit Bear Crafts.? She dreamed of designer decor but with babies on the way, Melanie was designing on a frugal budget.? Clever and crafty, Melanie took a plain cardboard box and gave it that designer look using our Hand Forged Craft Stencil. First she painted the box a creamy white color similar to Benjamin Moore’;s monterey white HC-27? and then she stenciled it a cool shade of blue-gray that looks refreshing in any light similar to Benjamin Moore’;s blue springs 1592.? Then she added her a bright colored fabric liner and ta-da! She has a designer looking storage organizer which is perfect for toys, diapers, or other items.? Great job, Melanie!

Hold Up Cinderelly?

If you’;ve enjoyed these ideas and you’;re still looking for more, check out Beautify Your Organizational Piecesl!

Can’t get enough?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

This garland decorated our Crystal-Inspired Christmas Tree.

Canvas Corp Brands has a wonderful selection of holiday goodies.Not only do we have what you need for making Christmas cards, scrapbook layouts, and mixed media, but we also have a variety of blank canvas?pieces and burlaps that work beautifully for your home decor. It is so simple to take one of our blanks and a few other bits and pieces and add them together to make a completely custom made piece for your home or as a gift!