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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! Are you ready to give that old wooden hutch a fresh new look using paint and one of our stencil patterns?? An old hutch can look dated and worn but our furniture patterns can help it feel free fresh and modern. The best part is that this project is easy to complete and affordable. Here is how one crafty blogger used the?Beads Furniture Stencil to makeover an old hutch.? Come be inspired…;

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We’;d like to welcome back Sheena, the creative DIY blogger behind a Bean In Love.?? Sheena belongs to a church that was hosting a yard sale fundraiser to raise money for a youth group retreat.? Several furniture items were donated and while they still had life left in them, they were definitely used.? Rather than sell them as ispersonalized baby blankets, Sheena decided that with the help of some of the youth group teens she was going to give these pieces a facelift.? One of the items on this list was an old wooden hutch. Sheena forgot to snap a before shot of the hutch so found a picture via google that was really similar.? This is similar to the hutch before Sheena’;s makeover:

Brown, gold, and totally dated! Sheena wanted to bring this old hutch into 2016 using paint and a stencil pattern. The first thing she did was lightly sand the hutch, prime it, and then painted it in creamy white.? Then Sheena decided to add a pretty pattern.? She had previously used the geometric craft stencil on an accent wall in her twin’;s bedroom and felt it was perfect for this project.? We love when our stencils are reused for multiple project! The Beads Craft Stencil in a size medium was just perfect for her furniture project.

With her Beads Stencil in hand, Sheena was ready to start stenciling!? She painted the backing in the hutch i a pretty gray hue.? Then she used blue painter’;s tape to adhere the stencil to the backing.? Sheena painted the stencil pattern in a creamy white using a dense foam roller. If you are recreating this project at home, be sure to roll off extra paint so it doesn’;t bleed under the stencil. The key to stenciling is using very little paint.? Because the backing of the hutch was so large, she did need to lift the stencil and reposition to finish her project. Ready to see how it all turned out?? Here is her painted hutch with a stenciled back.

We simply love the idea of a hint of pattern on a hutch because we feel like it adds extra special charm.

Sheena had this to say about the project, “;The stencil goes horizontally but actually I meant to paint it on vertically.? We sort of guessed on which way the backing went on while it was sitting at our house, miles from its counterpart hutch and our guess was wrong.? But it’s okay because we were both pleasantly surprised at how good it looked going the “wrong” way.? But really, with a stencil this pretty, there’s probably no wrong way anyway.? :)”;? We totally agree because there is no wrong way to paint a stencil pattern and she did a great job with this makeover!

Tell us: What piece of furniture in your house would you love to paint with a stencil pattern? Leave us a comment below!

Haven’t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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I opted to use seed beads and waxed cotton twine – I know it doesn’t sparkle and shine the way some people make their wraps, but it keeps the cost way down, which I think is important for seasonal pieces. ?Depending on what you keep on-hand, this should be something you can make for $5 or less.

It is my opinion that tables are most beautiful when kept simple. Actually, I apply this to most things in my life. I don't like a lot of stuff. Nick-knacks are not my friends. I think that creating a small, but carefully selected collection of items is much more welcoming than having heaps and heaps of things on a table. Plus sitting down at a table with a mound of pumpkins or gourds in your face makes dinner much less enjoyable than sitting across from a best friend and having great conversation with her.