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This DIY Monster Gift Card Holder tutorial?first appeared?on SNAP Creativity as a part of their last minute gifts series. I’;m posting it here for you in case you missed it!

So we’;re in the final countdown to Christmas. ?Are you ready? Anyone have any last minute gifts they are working on?? Gift cards make great last minute gifts, especially for kids. All the toys go on mega sale after Christmas and it gives them a great chance to buy something that they wanted but didn’;t get. (Plus if the kids live far away, you don’;t want to end up giving them something that Santa was going to bring himself!)?I love giving gift cards for Christmaspersonalized baby blankets, but sometimes feel silly just putting them in a plain envelope.

personalised gifts

I thought that these little Monster Gift Card Holders would be a fun alternative and make a cute little gift for a hard to buy for kid on your list this year. They are crazy simple to make. All you need is:

3″; x 8″; piece of cardstock

Scrap of White Cardstock

Googly Eyes

Double Sided Tape

A paper punch in a shape (mine was a hexagon but you could also use a triangle, circle or other fun shape)

Begin by scoring the 3″; x 8″; card at 3″; along the long side of the card. Fold it up so that you have a piece of paper that is 3″; x 5″; when folded.

On the scrap of white paper draw zig zags for the monster teeth. Just do it by hand, it will be cuter if they are not perfect. Cut them out leaving about 1/2″; un cut on the bottom.

Using double sided tape, tape the teeth onto the folded part of the card.

Then use the double sided tape to tape up the sides of the card.

Next punch out two hexagons and use the tape to adhere to the back of the card for the ears. For a final touch add 2 (or 3 or more) googly eyes to the top.

Just slip in the gift card and you’;re done!

You can make them from all colors of paper and even add some crazy hair if you want!

I absolutely love making handmade gifts for kids and teens, I even wrote a whole book on the subject! It’;s called Project Teen and is chock full of great ideas of gifts to make for your tweens and teens. If you’;d like to read more, just click on over?to read more about it.

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