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When Matt and I started looking at invitations, we had three guidelines: we wanted a hand in the design, the suite would need a simple, vintage feel, and we needed the flexibility to make or print invites as necessary, Of course, as a BSB, getting a lot for a little is high on the list of prioritiespersonalized baby blankets, too!

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Our budgetary goal was $2.50 or less per invite, and a quick search on Etsy revealed a ton of budget-savvy options that fit our aesthetic aims. While we were blown away by the diversity and creativity of the available designs, we ultimately decided that purchasing a digital suite would provide us with the flexibility we were looking for. As I analyzed the options, I quickly realized that I just wasn’t comfortable sending our wording back and forth to a designer, reviewing and (in most cases) paying for multiple proofs, and having to pay for add-ons like info cards, etc.

Enter Leslie Hamer of Swell & Grand and her amazing line of print-it-yourself DIY wedding invitations, calligraphic envelope templates, personal stationery suites, and more! All of the designs are 100% customizable, so changing fonts, colors, and text placement is a snap. Plus, all invitation suites print in standard sizes (2 A7 invites and 4 A2 info card) And the very best part? Every product is sold as an instant download! Just complete your payment, access your e-mail, and save the files to your computer. So easy, so affordable, and so, so pretty.

I was in love with a few of the designs, but ?ultimately settled on the 5-piece Confetti wedding suite, which includes templates for an invitation, RSVP card, info card, photo Save-the-Date, and thank-you cards. I really appreciated the amount of control I had over the final product. As you’ll see, we opted to change the font and colors and added a directions card. Because the templates were so affordable, we were able to splurge on nicer paper, envelopes, and embellishments. I might even pop back over to the the Etsy store to pick out an envelope template, the finishing touch for our semi-DIY wedding invitations!

Opt for premium printing if at all possible. Heavier card stocks = jammed printers or bored bride-to-be feeding sheets to a hungry printer one at a time…not fun. Most local office supply stores offer high quality printing at reasonable prices.

That local office supply store? They have commercial paper cutters and they know how to use them. It was the best $12.88 I ever spent!

Goal: $175.00 with postage

Final price per invite: $2.05 ($3.17 with postage), or $112.50 ($148.05 with postage)

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation or incentive to review Swell & Grand or the Confetti invitation suite. I just loved the product and wanted to pass along a good find!

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