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personalized baby blankets Shelley Ferguson- The things I love - sofa pillow covers

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With a home full of things she loves, Shelley Ferguson, Managing Editor: Taste and Your Home &; Garden, has found one smart bird to keep an eye on everything; Morepork by Spark.

Morepork is a new home monitoring system that’s a leap into the world of smart living. Simple to self-install, easy to monitor myself, affordable and works through a convenient mobile network – home security from your smartphone.

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Morepork looks after the things you lovepersonalized baby blankets, check out the things Shelley loves and shop her look below.

I love my Kathryn Wilson navy suede and gold studded heels.? I love how you can base a whole outfit around choosing a pair of shoes first.? And if you’re having one of those days where you just need a little pick me up, some special heels do the trick.

From the top of the list: Shop Kathryn Wilson, Petrina Heel Shop Wild Pair, Diavolina Adore Pointed Court Heel?Shop Number One Shoes, Valencia Court Heels

I love my gold Juliet Hogan chain necklace.? I’m a busy mummy to two little boys and all it takes is one special piece of jewellery to take your outfit to the next level.

From the top of the list: Shop?Cathy Pope, Onyx Gold Bracelet?Shop Moochi, Two Minds Necklace?Shop Juliet Hogan, Leather Chain Belt

The appearance of interior products is important to me.? Morepork is clean, white and streamlined, with unobtrusive components and sensors that sit flush.

From the top of the list: Shop Morepork By Spark,?Smarter Home Security?Shop?Country Road, Tapas Mug?Shop iPhone 6

I love this chair, it’s a Hans Wegner design from the 1950s. I love curling up under my favourite window in the sun reading a book or a magazine.

From the top of the list: Shop?Replica Hans Wegner Peacock Chair?Shop Citta Design, Boubou Linen Cushion Cover?Shop Let Liv, Moroccan Leather Pouf –; Light Tan

I love books and magazines. I especially love interiors books, ‘Holiday at Home’ by Jason Grant is packed with ideas to make your interior your own little patch of paradise.

From the top of the list: Shop Away At Home, Jason Grant?Shop What Katie Ate At The Weekend, Katie Quinn Davies?Shop Your Home and Garden magazine

I love my crystal set my grandmother gave them to me, she is a very special lady.

From the top of the list: Shop K Mart, Godinger Dublin Serving Bowl?Shop Nest, Fleur Jug Shop Waterford, ‘Killarney’ Medium Bowl

Morepork looks after the things you love:?

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Easter brings to mind colourful eggs and cute as button bunnies but for a lot of people, it is also a time of indulgence in chocolate; most probably because chocolate is the most popular ‘guilty?pleasure’ people give up?for?the 40 days of Lent.?