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Shipibo, Shipibo, Shipibo! I swear it’;s as fun to say as it is to stencil!?Our Shipibo stencils have been a seriously fun way to make your home into a modern masterpiece! Let’;s check out how these rooms did a complete 180! No promises that your head won’;t spin in excitement!?Cutting Edge Stencils?is about to change your day from mundane to MONDAY, so pay attention people!

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High Contrast Shipibo Feature Wall

Ange, from The Blooming Hydrangea, stenciled her beyond words amazing room with our Shipibo Allover Stencil! ?And can you believe the whole transformation only took Ange three hours to complete! She used the stencil to create a gorgeous feature wall in her bedroom and accented the high contrast wall with a few bright red pillows and matching red nightstands to add a pop of color! To create such a dynamic lookpersonalized baby blankets, Ange made sure to use some very important stencil supplies! She used spray adhesive to stick the stencil to the wall and used our clip on level to make sure the design was straight. With our dense foam roller, Ange painted on the white paint, and ended up with the look of expensive wallpaper for less! We totally dig this dramatic room! Don’;t you?

Shipibo Stenciled Pantry

Recently, Ashley, from Design Build Love, stenciled her pantry with our Shipibo stencil, and really wowed her readers! Ashley’;s pantry started off as a coat closet before the redesign, and was in much need of some flair and little TLC! She decided to use our Shipibo stencil for this transformation because she loved how the geometric pattern felt modern but still exuded a hint of tradition. Ashley used a dense foam roller, clip-on stencil level, and painters tape to create this?metamorphosis?on these textured walls. We also suggest using spray adhesive to get smooth lines on a rocky wall surface! After watching a few of our How-To Stencil Videos, Ashley confidently painted the corners of the pantry so that the design continued throughout the space without disconnecting! We just adore this little transformed pantry, and hope it inspires you too!

Shipibo Stenciled Rug Transformation

Katie, from Creatively Living, stenciled her old, beat up rug with Cutting Edge Stencils‘; Shipibo pattern! The rug’;s border was first painted with black latex paint from Home Depot using a Purdy brush! Before Katie began stenciling the body of the rug, she misted the back of the stencil with spray adhesive, and also added a small amount of water to her paint to allow for smooth application! Katie taped down the stencil and used a dense foam roller to apply her black paint. Then she used a stiff brush to apply another coat of paint, which really helped her get in the grooves of the rug! Because of the size and texture of the rug, Katie used three quarts of paint! If you’;re planning a rug transformation as jaw dropping as this one, you might want to buy your paint by the gallon (we recommend Benjamin Moore to all customers)! We LOVE this rug, Katie! Read our step-by-step how-to stencil a rug blog post for more information on how to DIY!

If you were inspired by these Geometric wall pattern ideas, make sure to stop by Cutting Edge Stencils to purchase your own Shipibo stencil and more! Also check us out on Facebook where we share customer photos and link to a new blog post daily!

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