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I'm all giddy and excited about attending the Meet the Blogger Amsterdam conference next Monday and Tuesday.

I know it's a little crazy to be attending a conference when I have a 6-week old baby. But luckily this is possible thanks to my mother-in-law, who's coming with me (and Nathan) for an Amsterdam babysitting adventure! I'm not sure how it's all going to work out, but it will involve feedings during coffee breaks and possibly attending the Woonbeurs with Nathan in the ErgoBaby!

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I guess it's also possible due to the fact that Nathan is such an EASY, angelic baby! I think he's known for some time that I am on a mission with my work right now, and he is cooperating like the little sweetheart that he is. It started, I think, when he got notions about being born on August 14th. I started to have some pretty serious contractions that nightpersonalized baby blankets, but then we had a short conversation about my appointment at the printer's on August 16th, and he agreed to stay where he was until August 18th. I don't know that I would have dared to drag Ruby or Juliette on this kind of an adventure, but I guess that's what happens when you are 3rd in the family line!

There's his royal highness, at 4 weeks old.

Anyway, the reason I feel I couldn't miss this conference is because one of the key note speakers is Tricia Guild, founder of Designers Guild.

As surface designers go, she is an icon, a legend, a celebrity, and I'm so curious to hear what she has to share!

Of course the MAIN focus of the conference is blogging (specifically, blogging about interior design) so I have been checking out the blogs written by my fellow attendees, and I've found some great new sources of inspiration which will be feeding my Pinterest boards and my blog from now on. I'm so excited to be among such an amazing, creative and entrepreneurial group of women.

So in preparation for this event I did a little re-design of my blog. That's why it's looking a little different. I wanted to step it up, so I would fit in with this crowd!

Also, my web shop should be going live in about 2 weeks. Here's a sneak peek at the tulip wallpaper I wrote about last time, styled and photographed by Ellen Mesu. I'll be writing a whole separate post about her soon!

The web shop will also be linking to this blog, so that was all the more reason to polish it up. And to start writing more regularly, which is my autumn resolution! I've been thinking a lot about the course of my business and I want to keep it personal. This blog is a major piece of that. If possible, I want to continue to have personal contact with my customers, even though the purchasing process will become somewhat automated. It's really valuable to me to hear from people about why they like the wallpaper, where and how they want to use it. Yes, more valuable than mass sales and piles of money! It helps me to learn and grow as a designer, and to feel fulfilled by what I'm doing.

Well, a certain little man has been waiting patiently as I write this, so that's all for now! I'll be back next time with lots of new inspiration from Amsterdam!

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Back when the original Victorian pajamas were in use, fancy detergent and electric-powered washers weren’t around. How did they keep their clothes clean? In fact, many pieces of clothing for children and nighttime or undergarment clothes were purely white. This was considered the easiest color to clean, as you could boil it and be rough without bleeding precious dyes. How about today when we have the technology and know-how to gently clean our nicest, whitest clothing? When you decide to purchase a pretty white lace nightgown, how do you keep it looking fresh as the day you bought it?

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