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Using script as a design tool around the home is a really fantastic way to give a room some individual flare. Not only are there so many different fonts out there that you can use, script can also be as big or as small as you like making it a very versatile weapon in the DIY armoury.

On a practical level script is really handy when used as a navigation tool. You can clearly identify areas such as the toilet or the closet which is really handy if you have guests around to stay once in a while. Using a beautiful italic script will ensure that the finished result isn’t garish or tacky and would actually enhance a Victorian or rustic themed home. Using script is also a wonderful idea in a child’s bedroom, not only is it a really cheap and simple way to add pizzazz and colourpersonalized baby blankets, but it can also help with your child’s learning in terms of numeric proficiency and spelling. You could create a fun and visually impacting spelling or counting game across your child’s walls using a combination of different fonts in different sizes spread randomly around the room. Different colours could be used to represent harder to spell words or more difficult sums. If you prefer not to mark the walls permanently you could instead create some large chalkboards using plywood painted in blackboard paint then connected to the walls.

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If it is an unusual style statement you are looking for, why not use script to attract attention to often overlooked areas of your home? You could number the up steps of your staircase from top to bottom using a really noticeable font. You make use of the long and narrow walls of your hallway to create a tasteful feature wall by covering it entirely in a passage from your favourite Shakespeare play or Oscar Wilde piece. As you only spend short amounts of time in your hall, the effect will not feel to overpowering but will certainly make guests want to explore your home further upon first entering. Once you have added the passage to the wall you could even give it an aged effect to resemble an old book by watering down some beige coloured emulsion and roughly applying it over the top. Finish it all off in real dramatic effect adding some Harrison drapes pulled back seductively with some curtain holdbacks to reveal the passage.

If you like the sound of using this really inexpensive feature but don’t know what typography to choose, take a look at the examples below for some inspiration. When you do find one that you like, either print it of from a computer and cut it out to create a stencil or, simply visit a DIY shop and look through their range of ready made stencils for one that is most similar.

This font would be perfect for Wild West themed children’s bedroom or home basement bar with a little saloon styling.

This gothic print would really enhance the effect of a gothic or Olde English styled home.

For understated class and elegance that won’t look too obvious, you won’t go far wrong with this beautiful italic print.

This wacky scrawl screams “look at me!” and is perfect for arty or bohemian types. Although I doubt you actually read what I’ve written!!

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