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personalized baby blankets Why We Chose Laminate Flooring for Our Home pillow covers farmhouse

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Hi friends! I have been wanting to write about this subject for such a long time, and am just finally getting around to it. Sometimes this crazy busy life of mine gets in the way of me sharing EPIC information with you guys. I'm sorry–;there's really no excuse for me not sharing this info with you sooner. You see, I am about to tell you all about why we chose laminate flooring for our homeand after reading it, you might make the same decision.

Now, let me rewind for you. Our first home was built in 1925 and had GORGEOUS heart of pine wood floors. Our second home was built in in 1990 and we had oak hardwood floors installed in it before we moved in. Our third home was built in 1926 and had stunning, original oakfloors, that we had professionally refinished. I was a hard core lover of hard wood floors. I used to shudder at the thought of laminate floors. No thank you–;only the real thing was good enough for me.

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Then at the end of 2012, we purchased our current home, which was built in 1986. The only wood floors in our home were badly damaged bamboo floors, that we did not like the color or the grain of…;.AT ALL. The rest of the floors were either tile, vinyl, or carpet. Sigh. (Be sure to check out how we painted the bamboo floors in our kitchen and dining room, and how we painted the vinyl floor in our laundry room).

After we moved into our current house, the discussion over what type of flooring we would installbegan almost immediately. And we quickly ruled out real hardwood floors and decided on laminate floors. Trust mepersonalized baby blankets, I was as shocked as you probably are. But it is a decision I would make over and over and over again! It was the perfect decision for us.

Why, you ask? Well, here are the…;

1) Cost–; Laminate floors are much more affordable than hardwoods, especially if what you want is a hand scraped look. There is NO WAY we could have afforded hand scraped hardwood floors. Even basic oak planks were out of our budget because of the square footage we required.

This is, BY FAR, the largest home we have ever lived in. It is 3,400 square feet and well, folks, we could not afford to put hardwoods throughout the house, especially since we prefer hardwoods to be installed,then sanded and finished in place. That means as a practical matter, you have to complete the entire installation at once. No splitting up the cost over a number of years (we refuse to take out loans for any of our home improvement projects, so a home equity line was not a viable option for us).

With laminate flooring, on the other hand, you can easily complete the installation one room at a time (at least with our floor plan) since there is no staining or sanding to take into account. Plus, it the material itself is more affordable. WIN!

2)Durability–; Laminate floors are just more durable. WAY more durable. We got our sweet dog, Titan, who is a 90-pound Boxer, in 2007. After we had those gorgeous hardwoods in our prior house refinished, we noticed that his toenails did mar the surface, which was soooooooooooo sad! Totally not his fault, just the reality of living with a big dog. Then we had our twin girls in 2011. The thought of being concerned about them pushing around a wagon or toy grocery cart on real wood floors just did not appeal to me. I wanted them to have fun without me worrying about them scratching the floors.

With our laminate floors, we actually let our dog play fetch…;IN THE HOUSE. He can run full speed on our floors (Road Runner style) and not make even the tiniest mark on them. It is astounding. And when our girls start dragging toys around and drop things on the floors, we don't even flinch.

The floors in our girls' playroom have been installed for about 2 1/2 years at this point and the ones in the laundry room have been installed for over two years at this point, so I feel that we have sufficient experience with them to say these things are darn near indestructible. That wasnotmy experience with real hardwoods.

3) DIY friendly–; Laminate floors are very, very DIY friendly. As I said, we installed the floors in our girls' playroom in a day. The same was true for the floors in the family room (it is a very large room, about 30 x 20, and it still only took us a day). Installing hardwood floors, then sanding, staining and finishing them is a whole different ball game, y'all. If we could have found a way to afford hardwoods, we would have had to hire the job out because of the vast scope of it. When we moved in our house, our twin girls were about to turn 2, so we did not have endless hours to dedicate to installing a house full of hardwood floors. Installing laminate flooring has been a very doable DIY job for us.

4) Aesthetics-Y'all, laminate flooring has come such a long way! Hand scraped laminate floors (at least the ones that we chose) are just as pretty as many hardwood floors, in my opinion, so they win, or at least come out even with hardwoods in the aesthetics department.

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After a ton of research, we finally found a laminate floor that we LOVED. We discovered hand scraped laminate floors made by Select Surfaces. The best part is that they are sold at Sam's Club and are only $1.76 per square foot. The hand scraped finish mimics the look of expensive hard wood floors. Plus, these laminate floors are really thick and have the foam backing attached directly to them, so I was hopeful that they wouldn't make that awful hollow sound when you walk on them. Long story short, we took a leap of faith and purchased a whole lot of boxes of the Canyon Oak flooring {I really, really recommend that you order the amount of flooring you need on Sam's Club's websiteand have it shipped to you–;right now shipping is FREE and it will have you lots of loading and unloading! Or, you shouldpay online and pick it up so that you are certain there will be enough to complete your project. We realized this after making a trip to Sam's Club, only to learn they only had a few boxes of the flooring}.

We tackled our girls' playroom first. It was a beige box, full of nasty, old carpet. We installed the new laminate floors in a day and there was minimal mess involved. The only messy part was ripping out the old carpet and padding {which was pretty gross}.

But installing the laminate floors was a treat–;no sanding, no staining! And after we got the hang of exactly how to click the planks together, things moved very quickly.

We were beyond thrilled with how they turned out in our girls' playroom. I mean, seriously, look at that texture!

And guess what?! NO HOLLOW SOUND WHEN YOU WALK ON THEM! YAY! I was so worried about the hollow sound. But it just isn't there! You would never know that you are walking on a laminate floor.

A few months later, we installed the same gorgeous floors in our family room. It made a HUGE impact in the room, which looked like this when we got started. Whoa.

Here's how that room looks now, transformed largely by the new floors!

Well folks, I am SUPER excited to tell you that Select Surfaces is generously allowing me to try out one of their newest laminate flooring products. It is the same fabulous, hand-scraped laminate floors, but in a slightly different finish called Truffle. We will be installing them in our hallway and master bedroom. I am SO excited to get the carpet out of those two spaces. It is going to make a tremendous difference!

We will be sharing a detailed post on the installation of the new floors, as well as the dramatic reveal :) I can't wait to get started. We hope to have them installed by the end of August and the big reveal up some time in September.

Ahhhh, aren't they gorgeous?! They are going to warm the hallway and bedroom up so much. SO EXCITING! Stay tuned :)

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