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Before we dig into why we love them, we first have to answer the question, “;What is an occasional chair?”; Think of an occasional chair as an accessory, not a main component of your furniture design. They’;re used to supplement your main seating areas and provide extra seating when you really need it, but they aren’;t your mainstay lounging chairs which you use on a daily basis.

Because occasional chairs have a much smaller frame than your club or arm chairpersonalized baby blankets, you can get away with using a more bold pattern, something you wouldn’;t want to use on a larger piece! Because they’;re often smaller and tucked into a corner of the room, they’;re the perfect ‘;wow’; moment in any space!

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Occasional chairs are great to have because in the event of having friends or family over, you can always pull it up to your main seating space to accommodate larger numbers. While not super deep and plush like an armchair, an occasional chair actually makes a great choice for encouraging conversation. They’;re often more upright than a lounge chair so your guests aren’;t likely to dose off during hors d’;oeuvres!

Because most people live in several houses over their lifetime, its great to have some smaller pieces that can transition from room to room based on your needs. The occasional chair is just that team player! Place one next to a console in a large entryway, or?fill up a bare corner in your bedroom.?If you’;re moving into a much larger living space than you previously had, place it just on the perimeter of your seating area so its ready?to go when guests arrive.

We usually buy lounge chairs for comfort, but when it comes to an occasional chair, you can choose it simply for looks! It’;s not a chair you’;re using every day, so just pick something you love to look at! A curvy shape, a detailed wooden frame, tufting, or a gorgeous fabric are all fantastic choices for an occasional chair.

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