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women, Black White Pink Tuxedo Ruffle- Lampwork Crystal Sterling Wirewrap Ring size 7.5



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I like to call my rings 'impractical'. They're kind of big, so it's a little hard to put your hand in your pocket. When you wash your hands, it takes an extra couple of seconds to dry up afterwards. BUT, is jewelry really supposed to be practical? Shouldn't jewelry just be fun? I think my rings ARE fun... they're certainly different than rings you'd get at the mall. Why not make a statement... stand out in the crowd! This ring will definitely be a conversation-starter. The base bead on this ring is a gorgeous handmade lampwork ruffle disk bead (it reminds me of the ruffles on the front of a tuxedo shirt) and a bright pink Greek ceramic disk bead. On top, I added a bunch of shakable dangles - Swarovski crystals in white, black and pink alabaster. Each dangle is carefully attached to the ring with a sterling silver headpin.This ring is a size 7.5Your ring will come to you in a gift box and will be shipped in a bubble mailer envelope.First class mail with USPS tracking.Thanks for looking - have a fun day!, wirewrap

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