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gothic necklace, Bone Skulls Necklace Thirty Beads



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Bone skulls necklace. Who needs a strand of pearls when a strand of beautiful bone and wood skulls is available? Grinning skulls of all shapes and sizes adorn this 18 to 19 inch hand looped necklace. The clasp is a perfect pewter toggle rose. Each necklace crafted is a one-of-a-kind piece and custom made at time of order so your necklace will not look exactly like the one pictured here. Custom made means pick you clasp and length. But each is just a sweet necklace that can be made shorter or longer for free. This is a unisex piece, yes men like skulls too.....This necklace can be made longer for .30 per added skull bead.This bracelet is also available in GOLD metal. Even the clasp piece can be changed. Just ask me!See bracelet to match, dia de los muertos

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