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This beautiful wedding band is made from sterling silver and 14k rose gold. First the band was inlaid with a ribbon of petunia-patterned sterling silver. Then it was finished with an 14k rose gold tab and lined with a matching 14k rose gold sleeve. This sleeve compliments the tab nicely and creates a nice smooth edge for a comfortable fit. This band is available in the 1/4" width shown here and a wider 3/8" wide version-- please contact me if you are interested in the wider ring. This is the perfect wedding band if you want something somewhat traditional yet unique. The mix of gold and silver gives it a nice edge that most wedding bands do not have. I originally conceived these rings to be mixed and matched, with the metals tying the rings together while the patterns allow for more individuality so that each partner can choose the pattern that best represents their own style. In this way, one partner can go with a more traditional pattern while the other can opt for something more geometric or abstract. I can line the ring with 14k yellow gold upon request for no added cost or can line it with any of the other metals that I use to line my other rings. Contact me for details and pricing. This band is also available as part of a set, as seen in the last photo of this listing. Simply purchase two rings at checkout and let me know what sizes you would like in the Notes To Seller section.I can engrave your ring for a small added fee. You can add your wedding date, names, initials, or a short phrase that expresses your unique love for each other. The cost to have each ring engraved is $25. You can find the listing here: https://www./listing/173742868/ . I have several fonts available; you can see examples of them in the second photo of the engraving listing.I will ship your order to locations in the U.S. via USPS Priority Mail within 3-4 weeks of receipt of payment. International orders are shipped via USPS International Priority Mail. I can upgrade the shipping to USPS Priority Express Mail (which is faster) for an added fee. For international orders please note that additional customs fees may apply upon delivery.QUESTIONSBuying wedding bands to last a lifetime can be a difficult choice. I encourage you to take a look at my excellent feedback and feel free to contact me if you have any questions before making your purchase.IMPORTANTPlease be sure to provide me with accurate ring sizes when ordering. Due to the nature of these rings, many cannot easily be made smaller and they can often be stretched larger by only a half size. I would be happy to send you a free ring sizer, which has been calibrated to my own jewelers' tools. Please note that going to a jeweler or knowing the size of another ring that you wear is not always an accurate gauge of your size because the equipment that jewelers use to make and size rings may not be consistent. My tools are consistent with the sizers I send out so I\u2019ve found using my sizers to be an accurate way to determine your size. You can request one by clicking "Ring Sizer!" in the dropdown menu when ordering your ring or, if that option is not available or you're not ready to order quite yet, just message me with your mailing address and I'll send one right out. Using the ring sizer is an easy way to determine your size or confirm your size if you already know it. And, if you use my sizer and your ring still requires a size adjustment, I will be happy to waive any resizing fee and charge only for shipping. Otherwise, a fee will apply to resizes, or a restocking fee will apply in cases of an exchange or return. Please visit the Policies section at the bottom of my Shop page for detailed info on returns and exchanges.When you order, please put the date when you will need the rings in the Notes To Seller field so that I can account for shipping time if your wedding date is soon. Also please write out a quick reminder of any other changes to the design that we may have discussed in emails. Having this information on your receipt is useful as I use them as the work order for making my rings., mens wedding band

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