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black, Black Triangle Necklace with Arrow on Collar Choker Necklace



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Black arrow necklace made with a black glass triangle, brass heishi beads and strung on a matte steel chain. Minimal and simple design, perfect for wearing under your blouse collar. Perfect for the office or weekend adventures.\u25b6 Necklace measures 18.5in (46.99cm)\u25b6 Necklace closes in the back with a lobster claw clasp\u25b6 Beads are made of brass and triangle made of glass\u25b6 Chain is made of steel and contains no lead\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6 A Few Notes \u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25b6 Materials: Steel + brass materials are strong, durable, & long-lasting\u25b6 Repair policy: Just in case something happens, you're covered!\u25b6 Flat Rate Shipping: Add as many items as you want with one low flat rate, collar necklace

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