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black and blueIf black and blue is your look, here's your necklace. There are rings of black at the top and bottom and mix and match blues in between.I'm always looking for ways to feature beads in my work...nice large and highly decorated beads can stand on their own, but smaller, less fancy beads are harder to "show off" when you don't have a large number of them. My stacker necklaces are the answer to my dilemma! Once I started making the stackers, I found all kinds of ways to add variety to the look. Enjoy!I usually start at the top of the stack and work on down, but the large anchor bead is really where this design starts and finishes. The artist is Ikuyo from Canada and this is best described as a nice plump disc bead. The bead starts out with a nice thick layer of black. I do not know the technique that was used to get these very thin stripes onto the black, but they range from white (or almost white) through blue (lots of royal blue) and all the way to black. The stripes seem to be applied with reckless abandon--with inconsistent spacing, stripes that aren't quite straight up and down, long segments with just dark blue or black and areas where the stripes are only partly across the bead or disappear at the center and reappear at the top or bottom. I have two views of the bead--from the side and from the front, so you can see what I have described. It's those fun stripes that hooked me on this set of beads and I've been having fun mixing and matching the blacks and blues for the rest of the stack.The top bead is a solid black spacer bead by Ikuyo, also and comes from the same set as the large disc at the bottom. The next bead down is a bead from a Quinlan Glass set called "Jazzberry Blues." It is a bright turquoise disc bead with a thin line of gold along the edge. Next down is a donut round spacer from a set called "Mingled Steel Blue" by Glass Weaver. I love this shade of blue that she uses often--this bead has a swirl of slightly darker glass that adds depth as you admire the transparency. The final bead is a nice small bead from Melty Beads "Multicolor Dark" set. It is opaque so it balances the black opaque bead at the top. The top and bottom of this bead offer the slightest hint of purple that slightly deepens the contrast with the other beads.I pulled the design all together with a nice cobalt blue leather cord, a signature part of the Stackers necklaces...I leave these necklaces nice and long so they can be slipped over the head and you can slide the knots to a length that works for what you are wearing.How it measures up: the stack of beads from the top of the first bead to the bottom of the large disc that pulls it all together is 1 5/8" (42 mm) and the leather cord measures 28 1/2."To see more stackers necklaces in different styles and colors: www./shop/katarinasuzabella?section_id=12071439To enter my store and see more of my designs: https://www./shop/katarinasuzabella

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