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14k gold fill, Swiss Blue Topaz and Crystal Gold Necklace



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Swiss Blue Topaz and Crystal Gold Necklace\r\rThe highlight of this necklace is the AAA+ quality Swiss Blue Topaz with a checkerboard Tabiz cut. The natural sparkle on this stone is just incredible. Pear shaped, the topaz has been wire wrapped into a tear drop shaped frame of 14k gold fill wire.\r\rRound Swarovski crystals link the topaz frame to the gold fill very delicate single cable chain. The necklace is then fastened with a push fastner also in 14k gold fill.\r\rThis is a very simple and delicate necklace, designed to do nothing more than highlight the beautiful Swiss Topaz gemstone.\r\rLength:17 1/2 in (44 1/5 cm) - Please feel free to convo me if you would like me to reduce the length of the chain.\r\r\rWhat is gold-filled wire?\r\rGold-filled wire is specifically manufactured for wire art jewellery. It is created by wrapping a layer of 14K gold around a jeweller\u2019s wire. The layer of karat gold gives the benefits of solid gold wire (no tarnish & no allergies), without the price tag of solid gold wire. This keeps the price of owning a unique handcrafted piece of jewelry manageable for most people.\r\rThe layer of gold IS a layer of karat gold. It is NOT a microscopic film deposited after the fact like gold-plate. Gold Filled wire is considered a lifetime product, suitable for heirloom jewelry. The layer of gold does not wear off under normal wear situations. There is more than 100 times the amount of gold in gold-filled than there is in gold-plate., blue

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